May 6, 2016

Romanian hacker claims Hillary Clinton’s private email server was “completely unsecured”. “”It was like an open orchid on the Internet,” Marcel Lehel Lazar, who uses the devilish handle Guccifer, told NBC News in an exclusive interview from a prison in Bucharest.”

Syrian government accused of bombing refugee camp. “The airstrikes on Thursday afternoon near Sarmada, a town in Idlib province just 20km away from Reyhanli, left the camp in ruins, with one witness describing a scene of horror, with tents on fire and body parts strewn around the area.”

Colorado Springs to pay citizens jailed due to unpaid fines. “The $103,000 deal requires Colorado Springs to pay up to 66 people $125 for each day they spent behind bars.”

Technology industry reportedly wants TPP trade deal and foreign worker visas.  “The groups represent giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon — as well as other, lesser-known companies.”

Protesters plan to urge Democrats not to abandon the working class. “(The March for Our Lives) is necessary to demonstrate that the poverty-stricken people do not feel represented by the Democratic Party.”

Disabled woman stranded on the side of the road after tow truck company refuses to assist her, allegedly because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter. “I’m a conservative Christian, I’ve just drawn a line in the sand,” he said. “I’m not going to associate or conduct business with them.”

Progressives and conservatives unite against deceptive Florida ballot initiative that would ban lease-to-own solar panels and solar energy incentives. “With the rapid growth of rooftop solar in recent years, major power companies in many states want to roll back the tax incentives that have played a critical role in making small-scale solar-power installations affordable for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and small businesses.”

Medical errors reportedly third leading cause of death in the U.S. “The causes include miscommunication, poor training, and sheer overwork that stresses health care providers beyond their endurance.”

Panama Papers firm allegedly advised clients to set up foundations and name charities as supposed beneficiaries. “The true beneficial owners could remain anonymous because Panamanian law requires only the disclosure of corporate shareholders. Foundations don’t have shareholders, only beneficial owners.”

Army officer sues Obama administration over IS campaign. “As the campaign has grown, there has not been any formal approval from Congress, nor an explicit new military force authorization, also known as an Authorization for Use of Military Force, against ISIS.”

Bernie Sanders points out huge gap in life expectancy between poor and rich Americans, and the rich live in suburban Washington D.C. “The average life expectancy for men in (McDowell County, WV) is just 64 years. But if you take a six-hour drive from here you will arrive in Fairfax County, Virginia, one of the wealthiest counties in America, with a median income of more than $107,000 – over five time the median income in McDowell…. (where) a man can expect to live until the age of 82 – 18 years longer than men in McDowell County.”

Lawyer arrested for refusing to answer questions after traffic stop sues cops. “She claims at least three troopers insisted during the ordeal that her refusal to answer questions was a criminal act.”

God working in mysterious ways? Christians argue whether Trump is a savior, the anti-Christ, or just a player in a larger drama. “Just as God brought Hitler to do the “good work” of creating Israel, so too has he brought forth Trump to take Christians to higher ground.”


May 6, 2016

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