May 8, 2016

33 reportedly arrested at protest against San Francisco’s police chief over excessive force incidents. “The standoff came after five people who are on their 16th day of a hunger strike to demand the firing of Police Chief Greg Suhr were taken to the hospital and their protest camp outside the Mission District police station was packed up.”

Flight delayed, professor questioned after seat mate mistakes differential equation for terror plot. “The flight, initially scheduled for a 7:20 p.m. departure, ended up taking off at 9:42 p.m.”

Black West Point cadets under fire for raised fist photo. “Mr. Burk, a former drill sergeant, who is white, said via email that he had disciplined soldiers for making Nazi salutes in photos, and felt the raised fist was not much different.” In Mr. Burk’s analogy, are black Americans the Nazis or the Jews?

Democratic Party’s “super delegate” system under attack in Maine. “Frustrated by what they describe as a “rigged” electoral system in the face of Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming majority win, Democrats in Maine on Saturday voted to adopt a rule change that will essentially eliminate the power of superdelegates to pick a candidate of their choosing.”

Donald Trump’s favorite episode of “The Twilight Zone” allegedly features a man who dies and goes to a place where he always wins. “The episode revolves around Rocky Valentine, a thief who is shot to death during an attempted robbery. In the afterlife, he encounters Mr. Pip, who gives Rocky everything he wishes for.”

Man buys hepatitis C drug from India, saves $82,500. “Because I had a low-premium, high-deductible health insurance plan, even if my insurance company paid for the drugs, I still faced $6,000 in out-of-pocket costs. But that was something of a moot point, since my insurance company required I wait for my liver to be damaged before it would pay a cent.”

Latest hacking victim in Bangladesh was a Sufi Muslim leader. “A Sufi Muslim spiritual leader was found hacked to death in a mango orchard in the Rajshahi district of northwest Bangladesh on Friday, the latest victim in the recent string of brutal attacks across the country targeting religious minorities, academics, secular bloggers and activists.”

Egyptian court sentences Al Jazeera journalists to death for “espionage”.  “”Al Jazeera media network rejects the absurd allegations that they were in collaboration with the elected government of Mohammed Morsi,” a spokesman for Al-Jazeera told The Associated Press.”

Writer asks, what the hell is going on with American voters? “…party leaders on both sides—as well as bipartisan media figures—are simply whistling past the graveyard, perhaps with a slightly different tune just now, but still deeply devoted to reporting, analyzing and discussing things in a way that avoids as long as possible the profound changes that are clearly under way, and the equally profound changes that people are hungry for.”



May 8, 2016

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