May 10, 2016

Emails of State Department staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email serving cannot be located says State Department. “State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau confirmed that the department has not located the digital backup file for emails sent to or from Bryan Pagliano during Mrs. Clinton’s time in office.”

Trump says he would make an exception to his ban on Muslim’s entering the U.S. for London’s new mayor. ““There will always be exceptions,” Mr. Trump said when asked in an interview on Monday how his proposed ban would affect London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan.”

Democratic candidate in West Virginia pummeled by attacker, victim suspects political motive. “If you thought this would shut me up, you are mistaken,” Richard Ojeda said in a Facebook post today. “I am now even more determined to continue on my path.”

Florida’s new death penalty law ruled unconstitutional. “(Circuit Judge Milton) Hirsch wrote that Florida’s recently enacted “super majority” system – 10 of 12 juror votes are needed to impose execution as punishment for murder – goes against the long-time sanctity of unanimous verdicts in the U.S. justice system.”

Florida fish and game agency stops collecting personal information on shooting range users after citizen’s protest campaign. “We have a form already that we could use, and should be using, that only requires someone to print and sign their name. That’s all the information we need.”

New York City landlord faces allegations of trying to drive out tenants from rent controlled apartments. “In some cases, Croman’s employees refused to acknowledge receipt of rent checks and then sued tenants for unpaid rent, the complaint alleges.

Twitter said to be cutting off intelligence agencies from tweet analysis service. “Twitter said in a statement that its “data is largely public” specifying that the “US government may review public accounts on its own, like any user could” but did not comment on how Dataminr had come to be selling information to intelligence agencies in the first place.”

Newspaper chain reportedly using H1B foreign workers to transition IT support abroad. “(They) are basically firing me and hiring a foreign worker to do my job at less than half the rate they were paying me,” said one IT employee.”

Facebook denies claims that it tweeks news feed. “This practice of “imposing human editorial values,” as Nunez put it, flies in the face of the company’s claim that the section is simply displaying “topics that have recently become popular on Facebook.””

Lawsuit filed over Mississippi law allowing denial of service. “The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Mississippi on Monday filed a lawsuit challenging Mississippi’s anti-LGBTQ legislation that the groups say allows businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender people.”

Clinton campaign said to be getting most of Wall Street’s campaign donations. “According to the (Wall Street Journal’s) reporting on fundraising data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, “the former secretary of state received 53 percent of the donations from Wall Street in March, up from 32 percent last year and 33 percent in January through February, as the nominating contests began.”

Sanders tells supporters there is still a path to the nomination. “We have now won over 45 percent of the pledged delegates,” Sanders said. “There are nine more primaries and caucuses remaining.”

Ammon Bundy’s lawyers claim park occupation was act of civil disobedience. “It is from Ammon’s understanding of federalism and his genuine belief in originalism, coupled with his own personal life experiences, that he, like a growing body of significant thinkers across the United States, has challenged the federal government’s overreach, speaking out against its attendant injustices, and rallying attention to the core question of federal land ownership and related abuses.”

Trump and Sanders candidacies shattering imperialist “consensus”. “Both Sanders and Trump, in their inchoate respective ways, are leading a revolt against the idea that America is and must forever more be the policeman of the world.”

Flint’s mayor accused of redirecting water crisis donors to her own action fund. “(Natasha) Henderson filed a federal lawsuit Monday, May 9, in Detroit U.S. District Court, claiming she was fired from her position after asking the city attorney’s office to investigate claims (Mayor Karen) Weaver may have been telling city staff and volunteers to send potential water crisis donors to her own personal account, rather than the official fund managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint.”

New York orders nail salons to pay employees more then $2 million in unpaid wages and damages. “Many shops were caught paying a weekly rate that came out to well below minimum wage — sometimes $200 for 40 to 50 hour weeks, adding up to $4-5 an hour, a Cuomo spokesman said.”

$10.2 million in unpaid wages reportedly owed to New York employees in first three months of 2016 alone. “The first quarter recoveries exceeded the $9 million the state recouped during the first quarter of 2015 and puts the state on a pace to break last year’s record of $31.5 million in stolen wages recovered.”

May 10, 2016

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