May 14, 2016

Pfizer tightens access to drugs used for executions, joining E.U. drug makers. “Pfizer announced Friday that it has taken measures to keep its drugs from being used in lethal injection executions.”

Sorority t-shirt with slaves, African American eating watermelon, denounced by Alabama university. “(Samford) university says the shirt design was submitted to the university and denied. The sorority, however, had the shirts printed anyway.”

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and top aides found guilty of civil contempt of court in racial profiling case which has reportedly cost local taxpayers $41 million, with another $13.4 million projected. “County Supervisor Steve Gallardo says it’s unfortunate that taxpayers have to once again pick up the tab for the sheriff’s mistakes.”

Russia dismissed U.S. claims that anti-missile sites in Poland and Romania are intended to block Iranian missiles. “…Alexander Grushko, Russia’s ambassador to NATO, said the deployment of MK-41 launchers at the Aegis Ashore sites… “capable of launching intermediate-range missiles, gravely undermines the INF Treaty.””

Co-worker of slain Australian security guard held in connection with investigation into shooting at Australian Embassy in Baghdad. “Both men were employed by Unity Resources Group, a Dubai-based Australian security company contracted to guard the embassy.”

Trump accused of asking alleged climate change skeptic for energy policy advice. “(Republican Representative Kevin) Cramer said in an interview that his white paper would emphasize the dangers of foreign ownership of U.S. energy assets, as well as what he characterized as burdensome taxes and over-regulation.”

Over 1/3 of U.S. manufacturing employees reportedly rely on tax-payer funded public assistance programs. “Analyzing the five largest means-tested public-benefit programs for which good data was available, the (Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education) report found that over a third of manufacturing workers rely on safety-net programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, or household-income assistance.”

Justice Department reportedly investigating firms that profit from “dumb money” trading. “In a business that is capital intensive, where it is increasingly difficult to make money, these firms can, and often do, make easy money trading against individual investors who routinely buy and sell at the worst times.”

Video reveals San Francisco police officer lied, federal gun charges dropped against defendant. “The video was unequivocal in rebutting everything the police officer testified to — at least to all the pertinent details,” said U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer after he dismissed the case against Brandon Simpson, who faced up to 10 years in prison.”

Trump is holding a rally, and the people who attend are going to pay for it! “The email Donald Trump’s campaign sent inviting fans to a rally next week looked familiar… But something was different. “You will need to buy a ticket to get into the rally,” it added. The cost: $200.”

Federal appeals court dismisses ACLU’s suit to release Senate “torture report”. “Congressional documents are exempt from FOIA rules, but the ACLU argued that the Senate Intelligence Committee gave up control over the report when it handed it over to the White House and other agencies.”

Union representatives investigating Verizon’s alleged offshoring of jobs to the Philippines reportedly confront by SWAT team. “Verizon officials at the company’s headquarters in the Philippines refused to meet with the CWA when representatives attempted to confront them on Wednesday, the union said. After the representatives left Verizon headquarters, they were pulled over by armed security guards and then surrounded and threatened by a SWAT team armed with semi-automatic weapons.”

Chicago’s mayor plans to replace police oversight board with civilian agency. “Abolishing IPRA — created in 2007 to replace the widely criticized Office of Professional Standards — was one recommendation of Emanuel’s Police Accountability Task Force, which accused the agency of being opaque, inefficient, ineffective at investigating alleged police misconduct and, ultimately, “beyond repair”.”

Department of Labor to make injury and illness reports for large employers public. “Workers and the public will for the first time be able to go online to see details of employee injuries and illnesses – for instance, the number of broken ribs or amputations – at tens of thousands of American workplaces, under a new Labor Department rule announced on Thursday.”

Video shows “two-hour line” at TSA checkpoint in Chicago. “For two minutes, he followed the security line all the way to what appears to be an exit.”

Huge banking industry donations allegedly going to candidate running against incumbent who supports more government oversight. “The American Bankers Association, a lobby group for the banking industry, this week used a subsidiary called the Fund for Economic Growth to pour $50,000 into campaign advertisements in support of Taylor Griffin, a candidate seeking to unseat (Walter) Jones in the Republican primary on June 7.”

Representation in civil court, bail, out of reach for many Americans. “In its 2011 decision Turner v. Rogers the Supreme Court reiterated the longstanding principle that government has no obligation to provide free legal counsel in civil matters and ruled out a publicly appointed defense for a man facing jail time over his failure to make child support payments.”

DNA evidence leads cops to men suspected of drunken rampage at endangered fish site. “Once they entered Devils Hole, park officials said the men fired at least 10 shotgun rounds at signs, gate locks and a security system motion sensor.”



May 14, 2016

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