May 16, 2016

Nevada Democratic Party convention ends in turmoil, Sanders supporters driven out after refusing to leave. “Sanders supporters refused to concede, remaining in the casino’s ballroom after the event had ended. Eventually, casino security and law enforcement officials entered to force the Democrats out of the space, even turning off the lights to get them to depart.”

British soccer stadium evacuated after bomb search training device accidentally left behind is discovered.  “The stadium, containing a crowd of 75,000, had to be evacuated and a controlled explosion by bomb-disposal experts was carried out on the device, said to be a mobile phone attached to a pipe, taped to the back of a stadium lavatory.”

More confirmation that CIA tipped off South African government on Nelson Mandela, leading to his arrest and decades of imprisonment. “Donald Rickard, a former US vice-consul in Durban and CIA operative, told British film director John Irvin that he had been involved in Mandela’s arrest in 1962, which was seen as necessary because the Americans believed he was “completely under the control of the Soviet Union”, according to a report in the Sunday Times newspaper.”

Suspect in police shooting is killed during attempted arrest. “(Authorities) have not offered a motive for last week’s shooting, saying only that after a “physical altercation” with an officer in the village of Mahomet, the officer tried to use a Taser on Pendleton.”

Naomi Klein awarded Sydney Peace Prize. “So much of what destabilizes our world is the quest for fossil fuels.”

Venezuela’s president fears coup, declares state of emergency. “Venezuela’s leftist president Nicolas Maduro announced a 60-day state of emergency on Friday evening and accused the U.S. of plotting with right-wing groups within the country to overthrow his government.”

Donald Trump tell border security group that refugees with cell phones pose a serious risk to national security. “I mean you look at it, they have cell phones,” Trump declared. “So they don’t have money, they don’t have anything. They have cell phones — who pays their monthly charges, right?”

Man detained by police, handcuffed while trying to sell his laptop. “According to Taylor, her son Josh contacted her on Friday after the prospective “buyer” of the laptop approached him on the street only to have another undercover officer slip up behind him and press a weapon to his back before handcuffing him.”


May 16, 2016

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