May 19, 2016

Suzuki Motors admits improper gas mileage testing. “President Toshihiro Suzuki said the automaker will revamp the testing course and that the improper method was used starting around 2010.”

Venezuela claims U.S. AWACS surveillance plane violated its airspace on May 11th and May 13th. “The Boeing 707 E-3 Sentry, better known as AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), is used by the U.S. to monitor communications but the Pentagon has not responded to President Maduro’s allegations.”

Woman arrested after car accident dies in Texas jail after she was allegedly refused medical treatment. “”I called the jail several times and requested for them to take her to a real hospital and they wouldn’t do so,” (her sister) told the news organization.”

Donald Trump reportedly profited handsomely from investments in companies that send jobs abroad, hire foreign workers on H1B visas. “According to Trump’s personal disclosure forms, released Wednesday, he earned between $150,000 and $1.1 million in the past year from investments in companies that he has publicly attacked.”

New York City police reportedly fire nine shots at homeless man with pocket-knife, killing him, after dispute over beer sale. “A 45-year-old woman in the busy intersection…was grazed by a bullet. Officials initially said the woman…had been arguing with the man and was slashed.”–379935371.html

Class action lawsuit filed in Flint, Michigan water scandal. “The civil lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, accused city and state officials and two engineering firms hired to evaluate water quality of failing to detect the problems or properly treat the water.

American companies allegedly using low-wage workers from overseas who enter the country on tourist or B1 visas. ““We have concluded that there is widespread abuse of the B1 visa in the Bay Area,” said Michael Eastwood, assistant district director of the San Jose area office of the U.S. Department of Labor.”

Chicago police officer charged in beating of handcuffed hospital patient. “Prosecutors said Gause is seen on hospital surveillance footage shoving the handcuffed detainee into an observation room and then punching him in the face several times.”

Victims of sexual assault in the military allegedly often discharged. ““For far too many years, the service members and veterans who have survived military sexual trauma have been re-victimized by improper discharges and an ineffective and discriminatory claims-review process,” Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the senior Democrat on the veterans affairs committee, tells TIME.”

Most presidential campaign super PAC donations have come from 100 people/businesses. “A relative handful of donors—a mere 100 individuals and businesses—are providing an extraordinary amount of money—more than 60 percent of the $430.8 million given to presidential super PACs so far.”

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) challenges “blank check” for middle east wars. “The last four U.S. Presidents have bombed Iraq. Will Congress allow a fifth President the same blank check to continue this open-ended war?”

Sanders wins in Oregon, Kentucky still too close to call. “Bernie Sanders was able to claim his twentieth victory on Tuesday night by winning the Oregon primary while the margin of an “apparent victory” by Hillary Clinton in Kentucky remained so close (just a fraction of 1 percent) that many outlets are still deeming it ‘too close to call’.”

Although it includes graduates of non-Ivy League schools for the first time, Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees is solidly reactionary. “The 11 names on his list are all staunchly right wing, more in the vein of the blatantly partisan Justice Samuel Alito than of the libertarian-leaning iconoclast Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Trump claims everyone misunderstood his statement that women who have abortions should be punished. “I didn’t mean punishment for women like prison,” he said. “I’m saying women punish themselves.”

Sanders supporters claim no chairs thrown at Nevada Democratic convention, supply video. “Some irrelevant man lifts a chair in frustration and the media calls on Bernie to stop preaching violence,” another supporter added. “It’s insane the lengths the establishment will go to stop democracy.”


May 19, 2016

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