May 21, 2016

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld joins former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on Libertarian presidential ticket. “Add the defection of long-time Republican strategist Mary Matalin, who changed her affiliation to Libertarian a couple of weeks ago, and we may be seeing more of a seismic shift in American politics than even the likes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have provided.”

Kalamazoo shooting defendant reportedly interrupts victim testimony, goes on bizarre rant, and is removed from court. “After he was arrested, Dalton allegedly told detectives that he felt the Uber app on his phone had robbed him of sleep, manifested a “devil” that took over his body, and sounded to indicate who he should kill or not kill… In April, Dalton was found competent to stand trial.”

Bill that would outlaw abortion in Oklahoma is vetoed by governor. “Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Mary Fallin vetoed a bill calling for prison terms of up the three years for doctors who performed abortions, saying the legislation would not withstand a criminal constitutional legal challenge, her office said on Friday.”

What better than an “independent subcontractor”? No human at all. Uber reportedly developing a driver-less taxi. “Uber is keen to bring down the cost of its services further and further reduce pick-up times, ambitions it believes it can attain by doing away with the expense and limitation of employing human drivers.”

Video released of handcuffed man being repeatedly tasered by Georgia police until he dies. ““You actually see a man get tortured to death for four minutes,” L. Chris Stewart, the Sherman family’s attorney, told the Daily News, a day after he viewed the horrific video for the first time.”

FBI under pressure from defense attorneys to reveal secret hacking technique used to gather evidence. “Defendants have demanded to see details of the FBI’s network investigative technique (NIT), the agency’s name for the relatively recent hacking tool, in a handful of criminal cases, but the agency has refused to disclose the information.”

Commerce Department says data on who enters the U.S. is not covered under Freedom of Information Act laws because it is sold to companies for about $15,000 for each year of data. “All it would take for the US government to prevent the disclosure of any information would be to place a high price tag on it.”

Researchers say Chinese government employees responsible for huge numbers of social media posts. “Analyzing a trove of leaked government emails, researchers estimate that a legion of internet commenters, employed by the Chinese government, create about 488 million fake social media posts every year.”


May 21, 2016

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