August 3, 2016

President Obama says Trump is “unfit to serve as president”, implies he would not support him if he is elected.

New York City’s police commissioner William Bratton announces his resignation.

Three DNC officials “ousted” in wake of email hack.

British YPG volunteer Dean Evans killed in Syria during anti-IS offensive.

Man who allegedly attacked five homeless men in San Diego used a railroad spike and hammer, lawyer asks for mental evaluation.

Leadership Conference says police body camera programs failing to protect citizens’ civil rights and privacy.

Delaware’s Supreme Court rules state’s death penalty law is unconstitutional due to judge’s power to impose death sentence instead of a jury.

Telegram secure chat app hacked in Iran through “new device” ruse.

Researchers hack tractor trailer’s brakes, accelerator, instrument display.

President approves U.S. air strikes against IS targets in Sirte, Libya.

President reaffirms his support for TPP trade deal despite public’s disapproval, hopes it will be less of a “political football” after the election.

Multiple climate change indicators broke records in 2015 says federal agency.

Jill Stein chooses human rights activist Ajamu Baraka as her Green Party running mate.

Federal judge reportedly slashes proposed fine for utility company in pipeline safety case by 99% after request by U.S. Attorney’s Office, no explanation provided.

Mexican mayor, three police officers arrested after 10 murdered.

Chinese human rights activists get suspended sentences after confessing to “subversion”.

Mexican environmentalists claim more than 600 residents of one town have died due to industrial pollution.

Trump claims wind power “kills all your birds”.

Family Dollar store manager allegedly demands that Muslim woman uncover her face or leave the store because “we get robbed a lot”.

U.S. reportedly sent $400 million to Iran as four American prisoners were released in January, officials deny it was a ransom.

Trump: Women who are sexually harassed should “find another career or find another company”.

Justice Department announces it will not charge deputies in Jack Yantis shooting due to lack of evidence. Both deputies were wearing body cameras when they shot Yantis 12 times, but no video was allegedly recorded, deputy and eyewitness accounts of the incident differ.

Child prisoners allegedly tortured in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay detention facility says Human Rights Watch.

Off-the-shelf spyware from western countries allowing repressive regimes to monitor their citizens.


August 3, 2016

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