August 4, 2016

Brazilian riot police use tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and stun grenades to clear protesters blocking Olympic torch run.

Supreme Court grants “emergency appeal” to “protect the basic expectations of bodily privacy of Gloucester County students” by keeping transgendered student out of boys’ restrooms.

D.C. transit officer arrested in anti-IS sting allegedly collected Nazi memorabilia, has German eagle tattoo.

Governor of Missouri appointed as public defender after cutting budget for state’s public defenders.

Baltimore County suspect’s social media accounts deactivated during standoff.

Photographer sues photo agencies after being billed for posting her own photos, which she had donated to the Library of Congress and which are freely available.

Canada investigating murders, disappearances of more than 1,000 indigenous women.

“Haves” are buying up affordable homes, renting them out to “have nots”.

Italian town with leftist mayor giving vouchers with pictures of Marx, Guevara, Chavez to refugees, reimbursing merchants when funds arrive from Rome.

Apple says it has closed the pay gap for its female and minority employees.

Philippine president adds “oligarchs” to his list of public enemies.

President reduces sentences of 214 federal prisoners, mostly drug offenders.

Sanders-endorsed Washington candidate for U.S. House wins Democratic primary, making her the third “down-ticket” progressive to make it to the general election.

Small band of Chicago public housing officers racked up 60 citizen complaints, 20 federal lawsuits, but allegedly received little discipline.

After tax cuts and austerity resulted in years of huge budget deficits, Kansas Republicans vote out many Tea Party candidates in primaries.

Chinese lawyer sentenced to 7 years for “aiding activists who attempted to manipulate public opinion and damage national security by spreading subversive thoughts”.


August 4, 2016

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