August 5, 2016

Jury finds Stephen Rankin guilty of manslaughter in police shooting of unarmed Virginia teen William Chapman.

Black Lives Matters protester sues, accuses Baton Rouge police of using excessive force and violating the protesters’ constitutional rights.

FBI agent allegedly told Garland, Texas shooter to “tear up Texas” before “Draw Muhammad” attack.

Recent poll: Clinton 43%, Trump 34%, Johnson 10% and Stein 5%.

Animal rights protester jumps barrier, triggers Secret Service to surround Clinton at Las Vegas rally. “Apparently, these people are here to protest Trump.”

Grand jury petition calling for criminal investigation of Kansas Secretary of State’s handling of on-line voter registration, irregularities, reportedly receives enough signatures to proceed.

Goldman Sachs agrees to pay $36.3 to settle investigation into misuse of leaked Federal Reserve info by employee.

Business groups sue Treasury Department over rule restricting “inversions” – purchases of foreign companies in overseas tax havens in order to move the company abroad on paper to avoid U.S. taxes.

Defendants in Wisconsin “Slender Man” trial were 12 when they committed stabbing, are being tried as adults.

World Bank allegedly shifting responsibility for social justice, environmental protection enforcement to countries receiving loans.

Louisiana sheriff raids home of police officer in search of anti-corruption blogger.

Eight Mexican journalists killed in first half of 2016 says free speech group.

Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen was reportedly the victim of continuous ethnic abuse by his co-workers according to documents released under FOIA.

Lawsuit alleges waitress was paid $2.13 an hour when performing non-server duties such as cleaning and stocking, which took up to 40% of her shift.

House Speaker Ryan says it’s unlikely TPP vote will happen during lame duck session after election.

Goldman Sachs alleged funded experimental, Scientology-based “reconation” therapy program for prisoners.

Baltimore police officer found guilty of shooting unarmed suspect in the groin after he had already been shot by two other officers.

Government lifts ban on creating animal-human hybrid embryos.

British government files on nuclear weapon collaboration with Israel are reportedly missing.

Federal judge orders Louisiana coroner not to release Alton Sterling autopsy.

Investors reportedly buying up ambulance, fire services of troubled local governments, charging residents subscription charges or hefty fees when non-subscribers use services.

Sanders launches “Our Revolution”to recruit progressives to run for public office at all levels.

Green Party kicks off its convention in Houston.

August 5, 2016

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