August 6, 2016

Chicago police release video of shooting of fleeing teen, Paul O’Neal, shows police handcuffing dying suspect.

What Hillary Clinton told the FBI about her private emails may have been truthful, but it was not apparently the same as what she told the American public – that no material marked classified was emailed and that only one device and one email account were used.

Malaysian pilot reportedly plotted route of missing flight MH370 on flight simulator program in his home.

Suburban D.C. mayor arrested in “sex-for-meth” sting on gay website.

Muslim-Americans removed from Delta, American Airlines flights due to “feelings of discomfort” by cabin crews.

Residents of Rio’s slums allege government has been waging a war on the poor for the Olympics.

On 71st anniversary of Hiroshima bombing, mayor calls for a world without nuclear weapons.

“Oversupply” of milk due to market forces, some dairy farmers facing bankruptcy.

If you have a net wealth of $10, you are richer than 25% of Americans says Credit Suisse.

U.S. to release declassified “Dirty War” files to Argentine government.

The entire saga of Donald Trump’s business failures.

Private “data fusion” company reportedly has information on every American adult, and its for sale.

Neighbor arrested in connection with suspected arson targeting town’s only black firefighter.

Boston police union demands more rifles for cops, no body cameras, blames President Obama for “(fanning) flames of Police hatred”.

Princeton professor takes over voting machine in 7 minutes.

Texas law reportedly allows withholding of details of contracts with private companies doing business with state and local governments.

National gymnastics organization accused of failing to report sexual abuse allegations.

August 6, 2016

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