August 7, 2016

Former New York City police commissioner allegedly says Black Lives Matter protests are “silly and they are not going to impact on anything”.

ANC loses major local elections in South Africa for the first time since fall of apartheid regime.

Low compliance among police officer with body camera policies, many cities have no penalties for “forgetting” to turn them on.

Government releases drone strike guidelines after lawsuit, says only to be used if “near certainty” of target and of not killing bystanders, activists question if policy is actually being observed.

Green Party officially nominates Jill Stein as presidential candidate.

High tech car thieves used laptop computer to steal 100 Houston area trucks and SUVs.

Los Angeles police officers claim in lawsuit that continued desk duty after their fatal shooting of Ezell Ford is based on racial discrimination and retaliation.

Federal judge tosses anti-trust lawsuit filed by Libertarian and Green parties demanding to be included in presidential debates.

Arkansas voter registration purge list reportedly incorrectly flagged 4,000 voters as felons.

Shawn Lucas, the man who served lawsuits on the DNC on behalf of Sanders supporters, found dead.

Clinton, Trump race narrows to less than 3% in latest poll.

Eight killed, 84 shot at Mexican teacher protest in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca in June.

Large number of civilian casualties reported during siege of Manbij in Syria.

Economist Joseph Stiglitz resigns as chair of “Panama Papers” committee after announcement that the group’s eventual anti-corruption report is to be kept secret.

Rensselaer County police officers suspended, may be fired, after reportedly chasing and intentionally running over groundhog with golf cart. Unclear if groundhog was armed or if officers felt threatened.

Chicago police reportedly fired “about five shots” at fleeing unarmed car theft suspect Paul O’Neal  during foot chase.


August 7, 2016

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