August 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders reportedly buys $600,000 lakefront summer home.

Chinese tourist on European holiday reportedly mistaken for refugee by Germany, spends two weeks in refugee center.

Russian opposition groups protest anti-terror and data collection laws, warn they curb free expression.

Families of two Benghazi victims sue Hilary Clinton, reportedly claim mishandling of classified information contributed to attack.

Trump’s says that if Clinton appoints Supreme Court justices who vote to ban gun ownership, there is “nothing you can do”. “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know.” Democrats accuse him of making an assassination threat.

Three girls fall at least 30 feet from Tennessee Ferris wheel, one still in critical condition, 45,000 reportedly  injured annually on amusement rides.

18 Philippine mayors and 31 police officials turn themselves in for ties to drug trade after being called out by President Duterte.

Investor Carl Icahn says Trump will get the “Archie Bunker” vote – because there aren’t enough jobs that pay well.

Pacific Gas and Electric found guilty of pipeline inspection violations in connection with San Bruno blast.

Household debt in U.S. hits $12.3 trillion, about 3% below 2008 peak.

Compton police shooting victim Donnell Thompson was an innocent bystander during carjacker search, was fatally shot with M4 assault rifle.

Released documents show Henry Kissinger was perceived as sabotaging Carter administration’s attempts to limit right-wing terror in Argentina.

Justice Department to require police departments to submit data on deaths involving law enforcement officers.

Portland police arrest man with guns in his car, accuse him of plotting to attack officers.

Trump campaign co-chair argues that “trickle-down economics” (cutting taxes on the wealthy, who then spend more money , which creates jobs) actual works.

Citizen Police Academy participant fatally shot during training exercise.

Baltimore police routinely violated the rights of the city’s black residents according to Justice Department.

Julian Assange hints that murdered DNC staffer was source of Wikileaks emails.



August 10, 2016

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