August 11, 2016

Donors to Republican establishment candidates have reportedly donated $2.2 million to Clinton campaign.

State Department may have helped Clinton Foundation to find jobs, make high level connections for donors according to newly released emails. State Department allegedly said it had no information on Clinton’s email accounts in response to FOIA request.

Source confirms that boy was decapitated in Kansas water park accident, park reportedly inspected in June.

Leak exposes abuse of detainees at Australian camp for asylum seekers, many victims are reportedly children.

Most Americans unable to get a mortgage due to higher credit score requirements.

Federal Appeals Court upholds “Social Cost of Carbon” (SCC) for environmental impact assessments.

North Carolina “Neighborhood Watch” man fires “warning shot” at party goers, kills one.

Thirteen suburban St. Louis towns sued, plaintiffs allege “debtor prison” scheme is aimed at raising revenue for municipal governments.

German Green Party speaks out against development of genetically modified animals for food and research, claims hundreds of thousands of animals die or are killed in the process without clear benefits.

Thailand’s voters approve less democratic constitution after very limited public debate, entrenches power of current military junta.

Journalist questions involvement of national security officials in presidential race.

Video reportedly shows Sacramento resident Joseph Mann was clearly mentally ill, not a active threat when shot 16 times by police officers.

27% of Americans say they are treated abusively at work.

Witnesses claim Louisville, Kentucky police did not give man armed with knife and handsaw a chance to drop his weapons before opening fire.

47 “out” LGBT athletes reportedly competing in Rio Olympics.

Anti-abortion laws in some U.S. states may force women to deliver severely brain-damaged babies if Zika virus spreads, due to late detection of the defect.

Organizer of Dallas “Next Generation Action Network” anti-police brutality protest reportedly arrested after refusing to cancel or move demonstration.

Edward Snowden drops from sight after “dead man” Twitter post, colleagues say he is ok.

TSA PreCheck program enrollees reportedly required to agree to almost unlimited sharing of their personal and biometric data.

Rights groups urge Army to drop additional charges against Chelsea Manning in connection with prison suicide attempt.

Public meeting on Jack Yantis shooting cancelled by Adams County Sheriff on advice of county’s insurer.

August 11, 2016

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