August 13, 2016

Warrantless mass surveillance targets “people of color, religious minorities, and political dissidents” says writer.

Coalition of education and civil rights groups condemn FBI’s “Don’t Be A Puppet” program, saying it promotes bigotry, hatred and profiling.

Clintons release 2015 tax return, shows adjusted gross income of $10.6 million. Trump has still not released any of his tax forms.

Eleven bombs go off in Thailand five days after ratification of new pro-military constitution, no suspects.

Swedish officials to interview Julian Assange at Ecuador’s London embassy breaking impasse in investigation of rape allegations.

23 mostly “red” states have gone to court to stop transgendered students from using the “wrong” restrooms.

Suspect Mark Sawaf shot while trying to escape in Harlan, Kentucky, few details released.

Philadelphia area t-shirt vendor reportedly told to stop selling anti-police brutality shirts by mall management after complaints from police officers, mall reverses policy and invites him back.

British court rules on appeal that it’s ok for Labour Party to exclude 130,000 new members, most assumed to be Corbyn supporters, from party leadership election.

United Airlines flight attendants narrowly ratify labor contract that includes pay raises, Southwest attendants picketing.

EPA’s Science Advisory Board says fracking report lacks quantitative analysis (evaluation of sufficient data) to prove the practice does not affect quality of drinking water.

Inmates in private prisons 28% more likely to be assaulted by another prisoner says Dept. of Justice report, even though most are low-risk prisoners.

Government austerity (budget cuts) to blame for slow economic recovery says Economic Policy Institute.

Claremont College students’ “people of color”-only roommate ad sparks controversy.

Trump employees say their “free workplace childcare” is for guests and members only, not employees.

12-14 arrested at Sioux tribe protest against Bakken/Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota.

California gang database reportedly has 13% rate of inappropriate inclusions, 42 gang members are allegedly under 1 year old.


August 13, 2016

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