August 14, 2016

Obama notifies Congress that action on TPP trade agreement is imminent.

Muslim cleric and mosque official assassinated on Queens, New York street, police say no evidence of religious or ethnic motive, Bangladeshi community disagrees.

Chicago police report says Paul O’Neal was “reaching into his waistband” while fleeing officers, but no weapon found.

Children removed from home after boy found trying to sell his teddy bear for food, police chief says “officers see this nationwide everyday”.

Milwaukee protesters damage three police cars after fatal police shooting of fleeing suspect.  UPDATE: Four businesses burn amid rioting, shots fired. Local representative says neighborhood was “a powder keg” and riot is “a warning cry”.

Mexican anti-logging activist freed after bogus burglary charges dropped.

15 states have passed new voting laws which will effect upcoming election.

Psychiatrists not allowed to comment on the mental health of public figures unless they have personally evaluated them as patients.

Retired colonel explains why more soldiers don’t speak out about failing military policies.

Trump’s anti-media comments making life difficult for reporters covering his rallies.

Police officer and citizen have wildly different versions of Arizona gun-point traffic stop incident, no dash cam or body camera video available.

Travis County, Texas deputy’s death ruled a suicide, six “persons of interest” reportedly released from custody.

High-profile Turks still sought by their own government include 32 diplomats, three military attaches, an admiral, and a soccer star.

Case of Missouri woman charged with terror offense for re-tweeting IS posts raises First Amendment issues.

Senior Pakistani intelligence official told U.S. where bid Laden was being hidden by his government in return for $25 million reward, claims Seymour Hersh. Saudis also knew and were paying for his upkeep. Deal for U.S. strike was reached in advance with Pakistan.

U.S.-made weapons rain death on Yemen’s school children.

August 14, 2016

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