August 17, 2016

Survivors of Silver Spring, Maryland blast say they smelled natural gas before explosion at apartment complex.

U.S. Court of Appeals rules that feds can’t prosecute medicinal marijuana users in states where such use is legal.

Clinton reportedly chooses lobbyist who supports TPP and fracking to lead her transition team.

Lebanese-American man tells Tulsa police his neighbor with a restraining order has a gun, eight minutes later he’s shot dead.

Donald Trump has a new advisor – former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

FBI defends its decision not to charge Hillary Clinton over private email server, says she exhibited ‘extreme carelessness’ but not ‘gross negligence’.

Boston Globe calls on Clintons to stop taking Clinton Foundation donations while seeking or serving in public office due to the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Work stops on Dakota Access oil pipeline after hundreds of protesters arrive at construction site near Sioux reservation.

Cisco Systems announces layoff of 14,000 employees.

Study finds that bees who feed on crops treated with neonicotinoid pesticides have experienced greater declines in population.

Latest NBC poll: Clinton (43 percent), Trump (37 percent), Libertarian Gary Johnson (11 percent), Green party candidate Jill Stein (4 percent).

Louisiana’s governor calls recent flooding “unprecedented” and “historic”.

Los Angeles Black Lives Matter protesters have been camping out at city hall for 35 days, demand firing of police chief over shootings.

Activists say private health insurers dropping out of Obamacare reinforces the need for a single-payer national health care system.

White House announces campaign to press for passage of TPP trade deal during lame duck session after elections.

NASA says “Four Corners” methane hot spot caused by natural gas industry leaks.

State Department says it will release “thousands” of work-related emails that were deleted by Clinton staffers but recovered by the FBI.

Study finds that districts with electronic voting machines without paper verification records “systematically and overwhelmingly (favored) Secretary Clinton” in Democratic primaries.

Turkey to release 38,000 criminals from prison, apparently to make room for political prisoners.

Six children shocked while riding Connecticut amusement park ride, one burned.

High-level Olympics official arrested in connection with ticket scalping ring.

Trump campaign manager allegedly used non-profit group as a front to lobby U.S. government on behalf of previous Ukrainian government.

Karma: $100 billion of oil industry infrastructure threatened by rising sea level.


August 17, 2016

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