August 18, 2016

Trump says more police will make black neighborhoods safer, Democrats have failed the black community by “peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force”.

Real flags on fire trucks – safety hazard, patriotism or nationalistic overkill?

23 clergy found guilty of trespassing during Missouri State Senate protest in favor of expanding Medicaid to cover uninsured residents.

Bicyclist hit by suspect who alleged shot mosque leaders in New York was an Iraqi refugee, claims the man seemed to intentionally try to hit him.

Minneapolis suburb where Philando Castile was shot is reportedly only 7% black, but 50% of 2016 arrestees were black.

Obama administration reportedly blocked FBI probe of Clinton Foundation donations from foreigners.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie claims he had no knowledge of $25 million tax reduction for Trump casinos.

Target to add private bathrooms with locks to all of its stores to ease the fears of those afraid of transgendered customers.

Local residents and officials accused of hindering public access to Malibu’s public beaches.

Amnesty International says torture common in Syrian prisons, 18,000 estimated deaths in custody since 2011 uprising.

California’s indigenous peoples were wiped out in a genocide “not all that different from what happened to Jews, Armenians or Rwandans”.

U.S. already banning would-be visitors based on ideological screening, and often targets people with no connection to terrorism, including Canadian Pierre Trudeau, who would later become the country’s prime minister.

NPR’s David Greene repeatedly presses Julian Assange to reveal his anonymous sources.

200 U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq have sought asylum in Canada, but only 24 remain, the rest having given up. A total of 36,195 deserted, but only about 2,000 were prosecuted, half of whom had left the country.

President of Christian “Family Research Council” says his Louisiana home has been destroyed by a flood of “near biblical proportions”, unclear if this was divine punishment for the group’s anti-gay positions.

Business intelligence company releases list of 2015 military expenditures by country, U.S. spending ($569 billion) almost three times as much as second biggest spender China ($191 billion).

August 18, 2016

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