August 19, 2016

Feds announce plan to stop using corporate prisons.

Car bomb attacks targeting Turkish police stations kill 14, wound more than 220, ethnic minority group blamed.

Six officers reportedly backed up Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke’s version of deadly shooting, which was later debunked by police video, others claimed they were not looking when he fired 16 shots at Laquan McDonald.

Muslim group sues after town denies permit for cemetery, residents say they are worried about groundwater contamination, vandalism,”crazy music”.

City of Baltimore ends contract of city attorney accused of being neo-Nazi supporter.

Human Rights Commission alleges that Mexican Federal Police executed 22 prisoners and killed 4 due to excessive force during 2015 anti-drug operation at Michoacán ranch in which 42 suspects and 1 officer died.

A third (story says second) American volunteer dies fighting IS with leftists in Syria.

Can a reformed rapist be a good feminist? Feminist says yes, Bill Clinton should be allowed to get off with an apology. But then why are other less privileged rapists in prison?

Bernie Sanders allegedly received two extension for filing a candidate financial report with the FEC and was excused from filing after dropping out of the election.

It’s now reportedly against the law in New Jersey to advocate boycotts, divestment or sanctions against Israel to protest violations of the rights of Palestinians, and companies that do support BDS will be blacklisted.

Judge rejects proposed settlement between Uber and its drivers over their employment status.

Harley-Davidson to pay $15 million settlement over emission-control evading “super tuner” devices.

Bank fraud whistle-blower turns down reward to protest SEC’s punishing of bank’s shareholders and employees instead of top management, says reward should be “clawed back from bonuses paid to Deutsche (Bank) executives”.

The black guy did it! Clinton reportedly told FBI that former secretary of state Colin Powell suggested she use a private email account instead of a government account.

Scientists use satellite photos and artificial intelligence to estimate poverty in less developed countries.

Fur is back, but much of it is coming from China, where there are reportedly no animal welfare laws.

Green Party candidates finally get some serious television coverage with CNN “town hall”.

Muslim family files lawsuit after 12 year-old allegedly forced by school officials to confess he was a terrorist and a member of IS. Search of his home and computer by police turns up no evidence.

Video images released in trial over conditions at Border Patrol detention facilities show overcrowding, trash.

Emails show that Obama administration was in close contact with Google officials while FTC was deciding how to pursue anti-trust case.

Residents of Alaskan village vote to move as climate change threatens their homes.

Journalists release long-hidden video of fatal 2012 LAPD jail brawl that resulted in the death of Vachel Howard.

Hispanic-American waitress gets “We only tip citizens” message on receipt instead of a tip, customer outed.

Why millenials aren’t having kids – they don’t have the time or the money.

Prisoner-made military helmets reportedly failed ballistics tests.

Interracial couple cut, stabbed in apparently racially-motivated attack in Olympia, Washington.



August 19, 2016

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