August 21, 2016

Detroit Public Schools loses lawsuit against teachers who encouraged colleagues to call in sick to protest working conditions.

Unruly protesters reportedly shove and spit on Trump donors at Minneapolis fundraiser.

States with tough voter ID laws, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Kansas, have allegedly not prosecuted anyone for voter impersonation fraud between 2012 and 2016.

Political turmoil in Ethiopia leads to expulsions of journalists, travel advisories.

Rio visitors flock to bay-side area with sponsor exhibits, few visit historic slave port two blocks away, biggest in the Americas. Not on map, no signs.

Beach volleyball uniforms – shorts and t-shirts for men, tiny bikinis for women. Sexism or seduction?

Ivanka Trump reportedly blogs advice on how to survive when you’re working as an unpaid intern. And not from a wealthy family.

Green Party candidate calls for “climate state of emergency” in response to fires, flooding.

Texas has the maternity-related death rate of a less developed country says study.

Judge dismisses lawsuit accusing Miami police of wrongfully killing Lavall Hall, a mentally ill man who attacked an officer with a broom.

North Korea claims high-ranking diplomat who defected in England was wanted for embezzlement, espionage and child rape.

Tea Party candidate reportedly arrested for possession of meth lab equipment in Alabama.

Plight of Columbia’s indigenous Wayuu people overlooked by mainstream media.

Food activist asks why genetically modified foods are unique enough to patent, but are not considered different enough from natural foods that consumers need explicit labeling.

Writer claims that John Hinckley, Jr., the man who attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan, was a family friend of the Bushes, FBI allegedly refusing to release its files on Hinckley and his associates.


August 21, 2016

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