August 23, 2016

Information technology can be used to track police officers, too.

Judge rules on release of 14,900 new Clinton State Department documents uncovered by FBI, Congress issues subpoenas to tech companies that set up her email server.

Former Milwaukee police officers are representing Justice Department in investigation of fatal Sylville Smith shooting by Milwaukee police.

Federal judge blocks Obama administration from enforcing its guidelines for treatment of transgendered students.

Another white athlete receives light sexual assault sentence, Massachusetts judge gives high school student two years of probation, does not have to register as a sex offender.

Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof’s pre-attack behavior was “consistent with the adoption of white supremacist beliefs through self-radicalization” according to federal prosecutors.

Deaf North Carolina man fatally shot by police officer after traffic stop, police reportedly refusing to verify he was unarmed.

Federal judge rules that Ferguson-Florissant School District demographics effectively disenfranchise African Americans in school board elections, blocks future elections until problem is solved. 80% of students are black, but half of voting age residents are white.

California Senate debates bill that would lower thresholds for overtime pay for farm workers from 10 to 8 hours per day, 60 to 40 hours per week.

Wells Fargo agrees to pay $3.6 million penalty to settle Consumer Financial Protection Agency complaint regarding faulty late fee calculations on student loans.

Hillary Clinton was reportedly using her private email server before she consulted with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Powell claims he always sent and received classified information via a secure State Department computer in his office.

L.A. Times wins in court, gains access to video of police officer abusing Clinton Alford Jr. during 2014 arrest.

Nuclear accident caused by kitty litter explosion at nuclear disposal site in New Mexico could cost $2 billion to fix, delaying clean up at other sites.

Some Trump staffers accused of making racist or threatening posts on their social media accounts.–Campaign%202016-Trump%20Staff-Social%20Media/id-b8237cdaffe54b69b7b486d3475d0f5d

U.S. troops redeployed around Afghanistan after recent Taliban gains.

Trump promises to return military equipment to police forces.

Rent at Trump Tower for Trump campaign headquarters reportedly quintupled after donors starting paying for it.


August 23, 2016

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