August 25, 2016

Headlines on Turkish invasion of Syria from mainstream U.S. press: “Turkey sends tanks into Syria against ISIS” (CNN); “Turkey’s Military Plunges Into Syria, Enabling Rebels to Capture ISIS Stronghold” (New York Times); “Turkey Moves on Syria” (Wall Street Journal). Those are all of the U.S. mainstream media results of a  Google News search as of 10:30 a.m. JST! Here is the Vice news headline: “Turkey is attacking ISIS in northern Syria with help from US air power”.

FBI reportedly let informants break the law almost 23,000 times between 2011 and 2014 (last year with available data).

San Jose police officer swept up in gang arrests over alleged leaks of “confidential information” to gang members.

Federal appeals court throws out jury verdict in civil suit that cleared Anaheim police officers in shooting death of Manuel Diaz, cites inclusion of inappropriate gang-related evidence.

California legislators approve extension of climate change law that includes carbon tax and credit trading scheme.

$39 million in federal economic development grants approved for coal mining region will build college, business center, “innovation hubs”, only a small portion allocated for retraining unemployed miners.

Soft drink companies planning to spend more than $10 million to fight California sugary drink taxes, mailings reportedly calling it a “grocery tax”, TV ad featuring shopkeepers saying they will spread the tax to other items.

Columbia and leftist rebels agree to peace deal ending 50 year conflict.

Defendant’s lawyer claims racial and gender bias influence criminal justice system when children die after being left in hot cars.

Education group releases report on huge disparities, racial segregation, between city and suburban school districts.

University of Texas-Austin students and faculty hold “Cocks not Glocks” protest against concealed carry of firearms on their campus, give away 4,000 free dildos.

French police reportedly forcing Muslim women wearing “burkinis” to undress on beaches, reminding this editor of Iranian “morality” patrols that forced women to wear headscarves and remove makeup.

Muslim siblings removed from flight in London after another passenger complained they were texting IS related messages in Arabic, but they are from India, only use English, and never text in Arabic. Police find their texts had nothing to do with IS.

Probe finds policy violations in NYPD surveillance of Muslims, failed to give unique, specific reasons for undercover investigations.

Top economist Joseph Stiglitz criticizes Obama administration’s plan to pass TPP during lame duck session of Congress.

Baltimore police accused of using secret, warrantless, private aerial surveillance system.

CEO who hiked price of EpiPen and other drugs reportedly received 671% pay increase over nine years as the company’s prices soared.

Government opens up 24 million acres of Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling day after President visits Louisiana flood victims.

Family sues after inmate’s death is ruled a homicide, correctional officer accused of using chokehold.

Sedgwick County, Colorado sheriff arrested, accused of taking prisoner to his home, sexually assaulting her.

EpiPen research was reportedly funded by taxpayers through Department of Defense contract.

Rights groups sue Sherwood, Arkansas court, accuse it of setting up “debtors’ prison” system.

NYPD reportedly stops releasing information about disciplinary action against officers.

El Dorado Hills, California housing community’s homeowner’s association rules reportedly bar non-white residents “except when employed as a servant or domestic in the household of a White Caucasian tenant or owner.”


August 25, 2016

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