August 26, 2016

Federal Reserve officials urge government to increase infrastructure spending to stimulate economy to make up for weak private sector investment.

NSA allegedly claiming that PRISM and Upstream data collection programs are “targeted surveillance” despite sweeping up hundreds of millions of communications per year.

42 civil liberties groups ask Facebook to respect free speech and be more transparent when censoring users.

Pentagon seeks permission to withhold unclassified information from Freedom of Information Act requests, transparency and media groups object.

Apple releases iPhone update iOS 9.3.5 after malware used to spy on UAE activists.

Whistle-blower who reported co-worker’s fake National Guard story reportedly faced disciplinary action from Commerce Department.

Two men not present at 2014 Cliven Bundy ranch standoff reportedly faced 25 year prison terms and $500,000 fines for helping block federal cattle seizure, both plead guilty via plea bargain deals.

Judge rules that FBI terror sting suspect is mentally unfit to stand trial.

Portland Public Schools reportedly bans drivers from playing rap music on school bus radios, but country music is ok.

More Turkish tanks and proxy troops pour into Syria, clash with anti-IS Kurdish rebels.

“Litigation financing” startup will offer to pay legal fees in return for part of the settlement, co-sponsored by Gawker foe Peter Thiel.

WhatsApp’s new terms reportedly include sharing your phone number with Facebook.

Drug gangs reportedly mixing illegally produced fentanyl with other ingredients and marketing it as fake prescription pain pills, leading to rapid increase in overdoses.

Lawsuit against politically gerrymandered election districts in Maryland allowed to proceed.

IS leader al-Baghdadi was confined mostly at Abu Ghraib “sex torture” prison U.S. Army now admits.

Motives of repressive, anti-democratic, patriarchic, homophobic monarchies which tolerate huge disparities in income for making their massive donations to the Clinton Foundation to support its work against these things remains unclear. To some.

Unsuccessful job search? You’re doing it wrong! Mylan CEO says she was first hired by the company after her then state senator father rubbed elbows the with company’s co-founder at a basketball game.

Sustainability of Obamacare threatened by defections of private health insurers, a government operated single-payer plan is the logical solution says Robert Reich.

St. Paul prep school parents and alumni allegedly donated $100,000 to pay for Owen Labrie’s defense attorney for rape trial.

Trump calls Clinton Foundation a pay-to-play “criminal enterprise”, apparently forgetting that the Trump Foundation was also a donor.

Psychologists who developed CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program sue agency for documents to prove they are not primarily responsible, CIA says their requests for documents have been overly  vague and burdensome.


August 26, 2016

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