August 27, 2016

Mexican police allegedly used U.S. supplied helicopter gunship to shoot drug gang members and farm workers during Tanhuato, Michoacán massacre.

“Apprentice” TV show applicants reportedly had to agree to being filmed nude by hidden cameras and take STD tests.

Witness says second Highway Patrol officer was present at shooting of unarmed deaf man, officer who shot him apparently hit a tree during the chase.

Hillary Clinton’s daily schedules as secretary of state will reportedly not be released until after the election says State Department.

Sulphur tank at Los Angeles area oil refinery explodes, residents advised to “shelter in place”.

Parents of black Valdosta, Georgia high school student Kendrick Johnson, whose body was found rolled up in a gym mat, must pay defendants’ legal expenses judge rules, face counter-suit.

Bidders for federal contracts now required to report previous and alleged labor law violations.

Software used to hack UAE activist’s iPhone was reportedly developed by Israeli company owned by American private equity firm.

Staffing cuts, low security budgets blamed for high shoplifting rate at Walmart stores.

Activists call impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff a “legislative coup”.

Although cell phone tower simulation devices are capable of accessing a cell phone’s content and data, Oakland police and the FBI claim they never do this.

Danish journalist claims Danish subsidiary of British BAE Systems sold internet surveillance package to human rights violator United Arab Emirates.

Bolivian deputy interior minister was reportedly killed by protesting miners after police opened fire.

Indigenous Canadians sue government for removing them from their families and communities as children.

Video shows 15 year old BB gun theft suspect’s hands were empty and he was surrendering when shot repeatedly by NYPD officer.

Louisiana appeals court rules that search of blogger’s home for criticizing public officials was unconstitutional.

Hoax terrorist attack staged by anti-Islamic group in Prague, which frightened residents and tourists, was reportedly approved by city officials and police.


August 27, 2016

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