August 28, 2016

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during national anthem, cites police shootings: “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Clinton and Trump campaigns trade racial barbs, KKK-link accusations.

Rail car chlorine leak leads to evacuations in West Virginia and Ohio.

Donald Trump allegedly helped Louisiana flood victims for 49 seconds.

Trump says no amnesty for illegal immigrants, tough benefits screening, quick deportation of criminals, but little information on possible changes to his mass deportation scheme.

Sheriff claims North Dakota roadblock is to protect Dakota Access pipeline protesters, but local residents are reportedly being allowed through, no roadblock in the other direction.

Corporate profits up, U.S. economic growth only a meager 1.1%.

Contractors association and Republican congressmen claim that making federal contractors reveal overtime pay violations, hiring discrimination and collective bargaining violations is “needless” and “unworkable”.

Review of Olympic vandalism incident involving U.S. swimmers shows no evidence of bathroom vandalism, security guard who flashed badge, pointed gun and demanded money was off-duty cop.

Four out of five suspects shot by Chicago police were black males, 2,623 bullets fired in five years, 92 killed, 170 wounded.

Trump biographer accuses press of overlooking the candidate’s long-time dealings with “mobsters, con artists, violent felons, swindlers” and a drug dealer.

Police officer in Muskogee, Oklahoma allegedly pepper-sprayed 84 year old mother of suspect after she resisted the seven officers who were reportedly present at the scene.

Turkish tanks and proxy forces push deeper into Syria, air strikes and artillery reportedly hit Kurdish forces and civilians.

Ohio man jumps to his death over courthouse railing after being sentenced to 13 years in prison, unclear from multiple news reports if he had served time previously.

Foreign legislators say they continue to receive fundraising emails from Trump campaign, despite U.S. laws banning political donations from foreigners and FEC complaints.

United Airlines pilots reportedly arrested before takeoff in Scotland for suspected intoxication, flight delayed 10 hours waiting for replacements.


August 28, 2016

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