August 29, 2016

Woman with dislodged IUD reportedly turned away by her doctor due to his affiliation with a Catholic hospital network, learns all of her in-network providers are also affiliated, sustains injury while waiting for insurance company to let her change networks.

Prison officials accused of pressuring corrections employees at Rikers Island jail to make incident reports sound less violent.

Cellular network  SS7 “flaw” allows monitoring of cell phone calls and messages even when using encrypted messaging apps.

Turkey-backed Syrian militia fighting U.S.-back Syrian militia in battle for Manbij.

Real-life results of tax policies favored by Trump advisors have been mostly negative in Kansas.

Tough Milwaukee law on where sex offenders can live, almost nowhere, results in increase in homelessness – from 16 to 232 homeless offenders in two years, possibly putting residents at higher risk.

Not enough healthy people and too many sick ones signing up for Obamacare is making the program unprofitable for insurance companies.

Members of 200 native American tribes reportedly participating in Dakota Access pipeline protest.

Raising the Social Security retirement age is unfair to laborers and to those who live shorter lives, as politicians float idea of raising retirement age to 70.

Los Angeles County District Attorney has allegedly received a combined total of more than $10,000 in gifts from criminal defense attorneys, police unions, business owners and her own prosecutors.


August 29, 2016

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