August 31, 2016

FBI reportedly seized child pornography web site, improved it, and boosted visitors from 11,000 to 50,000 a week before conducting a sting to arrest users by hacking their computers to reveal their identities. Could this also be done to rights activists or opposition political parties?

President Obama commutes the sentences of 111 more federal prisoners, bringing the total to 673, most of whom were convicted for possessing, making or trafficking drugs.

But still no commutation for Leonard Peltier, the American Indian Movement activist who is now 71 and has served 40 years in prison in a case riddled with questionable evidence and legal proceedings.

Establishment Democrats win Florida primary races, defeating Sanders supporters Tim Canova and Congressman Alan Grayson.

A fifth elite, east-coast prep school reports sexual misconduct by employees with students.

New Jersey Governor Christie vetoes $15 minimum wage bill.

East Chicago’s mayor upset with EPA over agency’s response to massive lead contamination in Calumet neighborhood. Hundreds of children reportedly found to have elevated lead levels, families evacuated.

Department of Defense employees allegedly charged $100,000 spent at “adult entertainment” clubs and almost $1 million spent at casinos to their government charge cards, were not disciplined.

Florida voters approve tax breaks for solar panels.

French Prime Minister says exposed breasts are a French symbol of freedom, and so burkinis should be banned.

Ohio law regulating non-surgical abortions resulted in a 292% increase in complications says study.

Documentary about westerners fighting with Kurdish leftists in Syria to premier at Venice Film Festival in Italy.

DARPA reportedly funding research on hacking “enemy” networks, tracking “targets”.

Some of the most conservative states are receiving the most money from the federal government.

67 rights groups demand that Department of Justice penalized police departments that fail to report deaths in custody.

Investor-State Dispute Settlement system included in trade treaties is allegedly biased in favor of corporations and is being gamed by some companies.

Large insurance companies call on governments to stop subsidizing fossil fuel production, call climate change “the mother of all risks”.

Arkansas woman allegedly jailed 7 times over unpaid court fines and fees that accrued from one $29 overdraft, claims she has paid more than $600, still owes $1,300 more.

Three former employees of Trump Model Management say they worked illegally for the company while in the U.S. on non-work visas. Two say they were coached to lie when entering the country. One claims she was charged $1,600 a month for a bunk bed in a room she shared with five other women.

Florida voters fire “cruelest prosecutor in America”, Angela Corey.


August 31, 2016

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