September 2, 2016

Man who shot TSA employees in 2013 pleads guilty, wrote that he was upset about rights violations.

Dallas police chief who approved plan to blow up sniper and banned downtown protests announces his retirement.

Melania Trump files $150 million defamation lawsuit against Daily Mail and American muckraking website over escort allegations.

Bernie Sanders reportedly planning to campaign for Clinton.

Apple CEO quoted as saying European Commission ruling that the company paid unfairly low tax rates was “wrongheaded” and “maddening”.

Huge number of Venezuelans march amid economic crisis to demand recall of President Maduro, government claims coup plot foiled.

TV interview shows a young (37) Nelson Mandela explaining his movement’s goals.

Philippine president turns down request by U.N. secretary general for meeting during regional summit, says he’s unable to fit it into his schedule.

Seahawks’ Jeremy Lane reportedly remains seated during national anthem, 49er safety Eric Reid reportedly joins Colin Kaepernick in kneeling.

Pesticide intended for Zika mosquitoes kills millions of South Carolina honeybees.

Polish immigrant in England reportedly beaten to death by hooligans after he was overheard answering his cell phone in Polish.

Oakland activists push back against mass surveillance and win.

Two women who were allegedly physically abused and held at gunpoint during a DEA raid on their home have faced a nine year legal goose chase for justice because the agents reportedly concealed their faces during the raid and refused to identify themselves.

38 pipeline protesters arrested in North Dakota and Iowa.

Pope says polluting the earth is a sin, calls on followers to work to save the environment.

Spy gear being marketed to police departments allows geo-location of cell phones, tracking, collection of calls and blocking.

Only 3% of news media stories on birth control  in study sample quoted ob-gyn doctors, while 40% quoted politicians and 16% quoted Catholic Church sources.

Hillary Clinton tells American Legion “America must lead”, claims Pakistani soldiers might have interfered with bin Laden raid, says we “can’t cozy up to dictators” and “we cannot impose arbitrary (spending) limits on something as important as our military”.

Weapons industry allegedly backing anti-Russia campaign, efforts to provoke Russia by expanding NATO eastwards.


September 2, 2016

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