September 3, 2016

FBI reveals that a laptop with Hillary Clinton’s private emails was lost in the postal mail and that a thumb drive with an archive of those emails is missing. All of her private emails were also allegedly uploaded to a unsecured Gmail account by an employee in the process of transferring them to the company managing her private email system.

He was a ruthless strongman who allegedly tortured his own citizens and gunned down protesters, but Uzbekistan’s leader was also a U.S. ally and a “dictator we had cozied up to”.

Supreme Court says “no” to North Carolina government’s attempts to salvage some of its voter restrictions.

Arizona Republican Party allegedly distributing “Wanted” posters with picture of Democratic Senate candidate Ann Kirkpatrick with fake bullet holes.

Austrian politician says street vendors pay higher taxes in his country than Starbucks or Amazon.

Many  companies side with Microsoft against government gag orders on data collection.

More Canadians and Europeans have reportedly overstayed their U.S. visas than Mexicans.

180 million Indian public sector workers reportedly go on strike for higher wages and against privatization of their jobs.

Alabama public library says patrons who don’t return their books could end up in jail.

No charges for South Carolina school officer who dumped student from her chair, dragged her across the room.

Police union reportedly accuses 49er quarterback Kaepernick of “harassing behavior”, tells 49ers that officers may decide “not to work at your facilities”.

Mostly white school district issues outreach poster for dropouts showing four non-white students.

Local official in Kobani claims Turkish troops fired across the Syrian border at Kurdish protesters, killing one and wounding 80.

Remote controlled weapons reportedly being deployed in Syrian and Iraqi civil wars.

Lawsuit alleges that Raytheon employees in Afghanistan were told to submit false time reports.

Another 8,000 police and security employees fired in latest Turkish purge.

1,000 reportedly arrested, several killed in post-election turmoil in Gabon.

Woman reportedly arrested twice at work, charged $400 after bouncing check for $1.07 to buy a loaf of bread.


September 3, 2016

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