September 4, 2016

Pipeline protesters and security guards clash in North Dakota, pepper spray and attack dogs reportedly used. One guard and two dogs reportedly injured, six protesters bitten.

U.S. and China announce their intentions to join Paris agreement on greenhouse gas emissions.

President Obama extends 9/11 “state of emergency” for another year.

Martial arts celebrity and veteran Tim Kennedy reportedly posts on Facebook that he has killed women and children but does not suffer from PTSD.

Rare earthquake strikes great plains region, fracking suspected.

Eight injured on ride at local Tennessee fair.

Man armed with “glass shard” fatally shot by Illinois police officer.

Trump Foundation allegedly made unreported donation to political campaign of Florida candidate who later dropped Trump University fraud charges, was fined by IRS.

Japanese airline will reportedly replace engines on all 50 of its new Boeing 787s after three engine failures.

Boeing employees say new robots to blame for production backlog.

Trump says American companies should bring jobs back to the U.S., amid protests during visit to black church in Detroit.

Judge says millionaire tech CEO who was sentenced to three years of probation for assaulting a girlfriend has violated his probation by allegedly assaulting a second girlfriend.

No charges for Iowa cop who allegedly pulled suspect’s hair and punched him after he surrendered.

Many off-duty police officers reportedly allowed to wear their uniforms, badges and guns while moonlighting, have the same police powers as when on duty, can even be used to enforce rules set by their private employers.



September 4, 2016

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