September 5, 2016

Washington Post editorial board calls Jill Stein a “fairy-tale candidate”, says her Green New Deal platform is unrealistic. Stein says the voters should have a chance to decide by letting her debate the two major party “nightmare” candidates.

Trump says no amnesty for illegal immigrants, all are subject to deportation. Trump supporter Giuliani says Trump will only target those who have committed other crimes, says Trump did not make this clear because “that point got lost to some extent in the emotion of the moment”.

South Carolina police officer fired one year after shooting unarmed white teenager.

Police with drawn weapons reportedly arrest car theft suspect at LAX, some people panic and use emergency exits to enter restricted areas, Terminal 3 evacuated and flights delayed.

“Super-predator” remarks, Bill Clinton’s crime bill, making young black voters hesitant to back Clinton.

Philadelphia police officer with Nazi-like “Fatherland” tattoo causing concern.

Mugshot tabloid pays “five-figure” settlement after Alabama man who was mistakenly arrested for having not paid a fine was labeled a sex offender.

Tens of thousands of Brazilians protest impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, police reportedly disperse crowd with water cannons, teargas and stun grenades.

Clinton employee reportedly wiped her private server clean using free, open-source BleachBit program.

Libyan navy reportedly opened fire on Doctors Without Borders ship which it mistook for oil smugglers.

10 suspects, one bystander killed during gun battles between Mexican troops and suspected drug gang members on Texas border.

Tech writer says you should NEVER store confidential information like passwords or PIN numbers in your cell phone’s address book.

September 5, 2016

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