September 6, 2016

Maine Gov. LePage’s claim that “90-plus percent” of heroin traffickers arrested in Maine were black is not supported by FBI data, which estimates it’s actually more like 36%.

Bernie stumps for Clinton, his diehard supporters protest outside.

Despite alleged targeting of Yemeni civilians by Saudis, resulting in thousands of civilians deaths, U.S. and Britain continue to supply weapons.

G20 leaders fail to reach agreement on ending government subsidies for fossil fuels.

Right-wing, law-and-order populist President Duterte of the Philippines calls President Obama a “son of a whore” for wanting to discuss mass killings of drug suspects, meeting is cancelled.

Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq, killing Kurdish leftists.

Three U.S. contractors training Iraqi troops  were reportedly kidnapped by Shiite militia, beaten and tortured for a month before being released.

Trump’s armed forces supporters say they are backing him because he will “rebuild our military”. $560+ billion a year is not enough?


September 6, 2016

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