September 8, 2016

NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake says that mass warrantless surveillance after 9/11 …”was in essence a silent coup against the Constitution.”

Trump says the U.S. needs larger armed forces and more defense spending, more reliance on diplomacy, and allies willing to pay their fair share. But wait, if we rely more on diplomacy and our allies, why do we need a bigger military?

Asteroid buzzes earth almost close enough to take out communications satellites, little public warning.

Trump allegedly admits that his political donations were given with the anticipation of future favors. “I gotta give to them, because when I want something I get it. When I call, they kiss my ass.”

11 Oakland police officers reportedly fired or disciplined in connection with sex scandal involving child prostitute.

Federal appeals court says no class action lawsuits for most Uber drivers.

1/3 of states are reportedly using electronic voting machines which produce no paper records.

Pipeline protest uniting native American tribes, more than 200 tribes declare their support.

Sales of anthem-boycotting Kaepernick jerseys remains strong at #1, most customers are probably not burning them.

Florida congressman David Jolly brings jar of Florida mosquitoes to the House floor, threatens to release them.

200 legal and economic scholars reportedly sign letter saying TPP agreement “threatens the rule of law and undermines our nation’s democratic institutions.”

Green Party candidate Jill Stein calls presidential debates an undemocratic “two-party cartel”.

Edward Snowden allegedly stayed in homes of refugees and asylum seekers while hiding in Hong Kong.

Writer says Democratic Party HAS failed most black voters, but Trump is an unlikely savior.

Google scheme identifies violent Islamic extremists and directs them to de-programming videos, violent American right-wingers are said to be next target.

Trump visit idea may have cost Mexican finance minister his job.

England and France are reportedly building a wall to keep out migrants.

Leader of Ferguson anti-brutality protests Darren Seals found shot to death in burning car, had recently tweeted support for Colin Kaepernick.

General objects to Trump’s “to the victor go the spoils” comment, justifying the taking Iraq’s oil. “It is not the American way of war to go and occupy land, steal its resources, rape its women and do the kind of things that Mr. Trump is saying.”

Clinton reportedly tells security forum there are no plans for U.S. ground troops in Iraq or Syria, while 6,000 are still reportedly in Iraq, 500 in Syria.

Triumph, Idaho residents speak out against summer camp for children with cancer. “You guys are throwing Triumph under the bus.”

House committee is reportedly seeking an additional $490,000, in addition to the $300,000 already spent, to continue pursuing Planned Parenthood investigation, but so far no evidence of fetal tissue sales has apparently been found, despite previous Congressional investigations and 12 additional state level investigations.

Professional clowns upset by “creepy clown” press coverage. “What if they were wearing hospital scrubs, lab coats and a stethoscope around their neck. Would the news report that doctors were hiding in the woods trying to lure kids with candy?”

Mainstream media organizations and employees are allegedly major donors to Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign.

Very little coverage of Dakota Access pipeline protests by national TV news media – allegedly 48 words were broadcast on CBS at 4 a.m. on September 5th.

Federal judge refuses to stop pipeline project’s bulldozing of native burial sites.

FBI unable to locate cell phones used by Clinton while secretary of state, two were reportedly destroyed by smashing them with hammers.

Election pollsters are asking the wrong question – they ask “who do you plan to vote for”, not “who would you like to see win”, boosting numbers for Clinton and Trump.


September 8, 2016

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