September 9, 2016

Arrest warrants issued for Green Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates over Dakota Access pipeline protest, Stein says they should go after the “real vandals”.

Federal financial watchdog fines Wells Fargo Bank for allegedly opening millions of new accounts in customers’ names and moving money into those accounts without permission. Bank blames employees.

400 more U.S. soldiers deployed in Iraq, raising total there to more than 4,400.

Brazil’s new president booed at Paralympic opening ceremony after impeachment of Rousseff.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson draws a blank on Aleppo question. New York Times corrects its own story twice, noting that Aleppo is neither Islamic State’s capital nor the capital of Syria.

Two members of hacker gang “Crackas With Attitude” who accessed CIA and National Intelligence director’s email accounts, accounts of FBI officials, reportedly arrested in North Carolina, three U.K. teenagers also under investigation.

Trump implies he will replace top generals if elected.

California governor signs country’s toughest environmental law, aimed at huge cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Air marshal program reportedly costing taxpayers $820 million a year, which works out to about $200 million per arrest.

45% of Americans are taking prescription painkillers, tranquilizers, stimulants or sedatives according to government survey.

Presidential race tight in battleground states.

Lawyer reportedly using Indiana’s religious freedom law to defend client against child abuse charges. Others have used the law to claim their religious beliefs require them to smoke marijuana and not pay taxes.

Clinton accused of wearing earpiece to cheat at security forum.

World Bank says air pollution is imposing huge costs on world economy due to large number of deaths and illnesses.

Elizabeth Warren urges Congress to increase corporate taxes, tighten laws instead of offering special deals to companies wishing to move assets back to the U.S. after EU tax ruling.

Former secretary of state Colin Powell reportedly used private mail address to contact some foreign leaders, State Department officials.

Federal employee removed from flight discusses the incident and other incidents involving Muslim Americans.

Clinton’s national security advisors include familiar faces from Bush and Obama administrations.

Henry Kissinger was George Bush’s first choice to lead 9/11 inquiry, records of SEC investigation into suspicious 9/11 stock trades were destroyed, recordings of 9/11 follow-up interviews with air traffic controllers were destroyed, Atta received $100,000 from Pakistani intelligence official who was meeting in Washington with U.S. lawmakers on the morning of the attacks.

North Korea reportedly tests its largest bomb ever, a Nagasaki-sized nuclear weapon.

American Legion reportedly votes to support medicinal marijuana use, calls on Congress to drop it from list of controlled substances.

Denver Broncos player Brandon Marshall reportedly kneels for national anthem at first regular season game, evokes insults from haters.

Retailers called out for 9/11 themed sales pitches.

People upset after “stock images” they agreed to have taken end up in Trump commercial.

Staffers at Trump policy office reportedly quit after it was decided they would not be paid.

New Orleans man allegedly charged with hate crime under “Blue Lives Matter” law for swearing at officers.

North Dakota’s governor reportedly activates National Guard troops, plans to set up highway checkpoint, keep military police in reserve, ahead of court pipeline decision.

North Korea bans sarcastic remarks, such as “This is all America’s fault”.

Facebook reportedly deletes famous “napalm girl” image from Vietnam War for nudity.

British man reportedly files $19 billion lawsuit against Mastercard for charging merchants excessive transaction fees.


September 9, 2016

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