September 12, 2016

Clinton teeters, stumbles at 9/11 memorial event, feeding health “conspiracy theories”. Secret Service blocks view of media.

Florida mosque burns down after threats.

Brooklyn woman arrested after allegedly punching and kicking two Muslim women pushing strollers, attempting to rip off their hijabs.

Little evidence of widespread voter fraud, few prosecutions and even fewer convictions, many cases involve absentee ballots, which do not require ID.

5,300 gallons of crude oil reportedly spill from broken Louisiana pipeline.

Large companies reportedly control a larger share of U.S. markets than at any time since the 19th century.

High school football players kneel in solidarity with Kaepernick.

Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani allegedly claims “anything is legal” during a war.

Four Dolphins players kneel, Chiefs player raises fist during anthem.

Conservative Christian reality TV star Toby Willis reportedly charged for raping underaged girl.

Baptist pastor reportedly tells crowd that anyone who doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem should “line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you”.

French president says U.S. response to 9/11 attacks “far from eradicating the threat, expanded it over a wider area. Namely to Iraq.”

400 Florida inmates riot after being confined to their dorms for weeks due to understaffing.


September 12, 2016

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