September 14, 2016

Mass arrests at Dakota Access oil pipeline construction sites, riot police reportedly armed with assault rifles, Facebook accused of blocking videos, journalists arrested.

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost U.S. taxpayers $4.79 trillion say researchers, an additional $7.9 trillion in interest on debt is projected.

Long Island University reportedly locks out professors over labor dispute, students protest.

West Virginia cop claims he was fired for not shooting suicidal suspect. “We will not allow the community to be put at risk by any employee who shows careless disregard to their duties with the community.”

British man pleads guilty to Trump assassination attempt at Las Vegas rally.

46% of voters don’t believe Clinton campaign’s explanation for fainting incident, according to British poll.

Israel to receive $3.8 billion from the U.S. per year for the next ten years.

NCAA to relocate championship sports events due to North Carolina’s LGBT policies.

Clinton: Boycotts against Israel are alarming, boycotts against North Carolina are necessary to fight discrimination.

Trump campaign manager accuses the press of “badgering” Trump over his tax returns and charitable donations.

Clinton “private email server” technicians reportedly invoke their Fifth Amendment rights, refuse to testify before Congress.

Man spends two days in jail after argument with clerk at Hollywood DMV leads to “disturbing the peace” charge.

Student alleges she was raped by North Carolina college football player, district attorney and university did nothing.

Study finds that serious injuries caused by law enforcement officers and security guards have increased by about 47% since 2001, with blacks injured almost 5 times more often than whites.

Injuries and arrests as police clash with protesters in Santiago on anniversary of Pinochet coup.

Only legislator to vote against post 9/11 military authorization bill says it has been used 37 times since then, needs to be repealed.


September 14, 2016

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