September 15, 2016

Police allegedly collecting DNA samples from people stopped, interviewed or questioned but not arrested.

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Johnson on the ballot in all 5o states, Green’s Stein on the ballot in 45 with write-in allowed in three more. Neither candidate is likely to meet the CPD’s 15% polling threshold to participate in debates however.

Suspect arrested in Florida mosque fire, reportedly has previous criminal history.

Zika virus funds still tied up in Congress as politicians squabble.

Monsanto and Bayer agree to merger deal, new firm would control about 1/4 of the world’s seed and pesticide business.

Ford CEO says all of its small cars for the U.S. market will be made in Mexico in 2 to 3 years.

Health insurance deductibles (employee share of medical fees) up about 50% in five years for people covered by employer health plans, employee share of premiums also increasing.

First fatal Tesla autopilot car crash may have actually occurred in China in January.

Second type of crow discovered that uses tools to obtain food.

High levels of toxic chemicals such as phthalates and flame retardants found in indoor dust.

More than 40% of likely voters 34 or under plan to vote for a third party candidate – poll.

69 year-old Trump protester with an oxygen tank allegedly punched in the face by angry Trump supporter at South Carolina Trump rally, arrest warrant issued.

Prominent right-wing donors reportedly helped Wisconsin governor Scott Walker fight recall election after union-busting battle by making huge donations to “dark money” organization, according to leaked documents that Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered destroyed.

Wall Street and big bank wish list of financial deregulation measures passes House Financial Services committee vote.

Internet of sex things: Chicago woman sues company for collecting “personally identifiable information” from customers using the company’s smartphone controlled vibrator, as well as settings and times used.

Some alcohol industry groups are reportedly major contributors to efforts to keep marijuana illegal.

Clinton releases letter from her doctor saying she is “healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States.” Had previously disclosed a plastic tube in her left ear to aid drainage of fluid and continuing treatment for hypothyroidism.

City meeting to discuss building permit for mosque cancelled after militia member posts video with weapon displayed, threatens armed demonstration at the meeting.

Three officers involved in Waco biker shootings will not face charges, still unclear who fired fatal shots that killed nine bikers.


September 15, 2016

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