September 16, 2016

Senator Ron Wyden battling against warrantless internet surveillance and geotracking of U.S. citizens.

Columbus police fatally shoot 13 year-old boy with BB gun after chase.

House Intelligence Committee says Edward Snowden was just a disgruntled employee, violated Americans’ right to privacy.

Family of Sandra Bland reportedly settles lawsuit for $1.9 million. Bland was arrested after an argument with an officer who had stopped her for an unsignaled lane change. Unable to raise about $500 for bail, on her third day in jail she was found hung.

Students at northern California high school reportedly had their scores lowered after refusing to stand for pledge of allegiance.

Chicago area teacher accused of trying to pull a high school student out of his seat when he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance.

Philippine man alleges he worked for a death squad directed by then mayor of Davao, now president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Defense secretary pledges U.S. will never develop autonomous killer robots, there will be human beings controlling them.

French unions clash with police at protests over labor reforms.

Executive pay is far higher than generally reported due to under-estimation of stock-based compensation.

Trump and Clinton neck and neck among likely voters, but both candidates viewed as “a risky choice” – poll.

Donald Trump Jr. says his dad is not releasing his tax returns because of “incredible” media bias against conservatives.

Pro-pipeline group accused of creating Twitter “sock-puppet” accounts with fake supporters.

Elizabeth Warren calls for investigation into why no bankers were prosecuted for activities leading to 2008 crash.

UC Berkeley apparently bows to political pressure, cancels class on “settler colonialism” in Palestine, which critics claim is antisemitic.

OK for FBI agents to impersonate journalists as long as they get permission from headquarters.

Half of researchers who presented papers at FTC privacy conference were allegedly receiving money from Google, most of which was unreported.

Less than 6% of Guantanamo detainees released by Obama administration are confirmed to have returned to extremist activity, another 7% suspected of returning.

Prisoner at Milwaukee County Jail died of dehydration says medical examiner, jailers allegedly cut off water to his cell.

Oregon wildlife refugee was vacant when occupied by protesters manager testifies, employees had been told to stay home, no one went to the refuge to confront the protesters or ask them to leave.

Man who rammed his car into three Phoenix police officers was reportedly tasered “numerous times” during his arrest.  Suspect Marc Laquon Payne allegedly associated with black nationalist groups.

U.S. director of Reporters Without Borders says charging Amy Goodman with criminal trespass for covering pipeline protest “is a direct threat to freedom of the press”.


September 16, 2016

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