September 17, 2016

Parliamentary investigation blames PM Cameron for Libya regime change turmoil, similar to political instability caused by PM Blair’s intervention in Iraq. Still no equivalent U.S. congressional investigations of Bush and Obama administration policies.

Trump admits Obama is a U.S. citizen by birth, reportedly blames Hillary Clinton for starting “birther” rumors.

Libertarian and Green candidates will not be allowed to participate in the first presidential debate, Green candidate planning civil disobedience, will attempt to participate.

U.S. funded Free Syrian Army fighters reportedly drive U.S. special forces out of al-Rai on Syrian border with Turkey. “”They are coming to Syria to occupy it!” Voices in the background call the US troops “pigs” and “crusaders”.”

Witness says 13 year-old Columbus boy was shot while running from police.

Bernie Sanders urges his supporters not to cast “protest votes”.

Libertarian candidate for Congress from Indiana arrested after confrontation with Kentucky state trooper over recording traffic stop with cell phone.

Federal appeals court stops Dakota Access pipeline construction near Lake Oahe.

Federal health agency requires researchers to share privately funded health research data, define research protocol before conducting studies.

1/3 of Saudi coalition airstrikes in Yemen have hit civilian targets says group.

Six former Rikers Island guards sentenced over beating that fractured inmates eye sockets, cover-up.

Chicago police officer charged for shooting into car of fleeing teenagers in 2013, wounding two.

Anti-abortion activist joins Trump campaign, candidate pledges to continue ban on public funding of abortions.

Nationwide strike by prison labor enters second week.

Republicans on Federal Elections Commission say they do not support blocking all political donations from foreign-owned companies, would prefer to require written pledges that the decision to donate was not made by  foreign nationals.

British “Anonymous” hacker faces extradition to U.S. after judge’s ruling.

Media companies file lawsuit against FBI for details about purchase of iPhone hacking software.

Grand jury indicts Cleveland police officer in fatal shooting of unarmed teen confronted after grocery store break-in. Two East Cleveland officers indicted for abducting and beating suspect.

Official CIA account of agency’s involvement in Watergate break-in is “intent on covering (the agency’s) tracks” instead of revealing the truth, alleges writer.

Prosecutor claims boy who videoed “sex act” with toddler got suspended sentence and probation at request of the victim’s family.

Obama reportedly enlists Ohio governor Kasich to woo Republicans on TPP trade deal, has reassured foreign governments that he will deliver.

Louisiana cop fired, charged for allegedly punching non-resisting prone suspect and then kicking him in the side and head after he is handcuffed.

Pennsylvania “black power” inmate has reportedly been in solitary confinement for 37 years, prison officials claim he is an escape risk.

Family of Korryn Gaines files wrongful death lawsuit against Baltimore County police, claim crisis intervention team was not used, Gaines’ 1st amendment rights violated when her Facebook live blog was cut off.

Julian Assange loses appeal, Swedish court upholds detention order.

Former McClatchy news bureau chief claims Clinton ally pitched him Obama “birther” story during 2008 campaign, “rogue” Clinton campaign volunteer in Iowa also circulated “birther” email.


September 17, 2016

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