September 19, 2016

Incident reports used in mass arrest of Baton Rouge protesters after Alton Sterling shooting reportedly include “cut and paste” police allegations.

Creepy clown ring smashed? Police in Alabama make arrests in hope of ending southern “reign of terror”.

Louisiana man reportedly dressed only in red underwear uses “super-human strength” to throw off five police officers, steal and crash patrol car.

Bomb found in Manhattan similar to Boston marathon bombs, IS takes credit for Minnesota stabbing rampage.

More NFL players “take a knee” or raise their fists during national anthem to protest excessive force by police against blacks.

A President Trump would likely worsen climate change by lifting restrictions on fossil fuels, withdrawing from Paris climate treaty.

Pharmaceutical firms have reportedly spent hundreds of millions lobbying against limits on painkiller prescriptions.

Some of the law enforcement officials backing Trump have reportedly been subjects of various allegations, lawsuits and criminal charges.

Washington Post decides which stories to publish using Snowden leaks, wins Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, then reportedly calls for his prosecution for leaking the stories they covered.

Reporter trying to cover Trump event for victims of illegal aliens is arrested, charged with trespassing.

Health risks for 9/11 victims comparable to those for Chernobyl, Fukushima survivors.

Woman allegedly forced to leave woman’s restroom during L.A. concert after being mistaken for a man. “…should we just show our genitalia to be able to use a restroom…?”


September 19, 2016

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