September 21, 2016

Some U.S. honey reportedly has twice the amount of the weed killer glyphosate allowed in Europe, there are no limits on glyphosate in honey in the U.S.

League of Women Voters claims 6,570 Kansas voters purged from voter lists, likely due to lack of proof of citizenship.

Clinton says Trump is serving as a “recruiting sergeant for the terrorists”, Trump says terrorists “are hoping and praying” that Clinton wins.

States reportedly seeking to block overtime pay for low wage supervisors and managers. Chamber of Commerce official allegedly claims overtime pay could lead to layoffs. [Instead of hiring additional workers to avoid overtime?]

Charlotte, North Carolina man fatally shot during search for another man, police say he had a gun, daughter says it was a book.  Riot erupts at shooting scene, 12 officers reportedly injured, dead man identified as Keith Lamont Scott.

U.S. liaison was reportedly away from his desk when Russians called to warn about attack on Syrian troops.

Rahami’s father allegedly reported him to FBI in 2014, claims FBI said he had no links to jihadists.

Trump businesses allegedly used $258,000 in funds from his foundation to make charitable donations to settle lawsuits.

Connecticut troopers reportedly caught fabricating charges against man who was filming DUI roadblock, two of whom were allegedly supervisors.

50% of humanities/liberal arts graduates are reportedly underemployed.

High levels of immigration result in lower wages for workers and higher profits for employers says economist.

Court in Thailand convicts human rights activist of criminal defamation and cyber crimes for revealing working conditions at Thai pineapple processing plant.

Police video shows that Terence Crutcher’s car window was rolled up, making it impossible for him to reach inside the vehicle as police claimed.

Drinking water analysis reveals elevated levels of carcinogenic  chromium-6 in 75% of samples.

Rahami charged with “use of weapons of mass destruction”.

Turkey shells northern Iraq, killing four Kurdish leftists and wounding one.

Tribal leader addresses U.N. Human Rights Council on Dakota Access pipeline standoff.

Congressman introduces bill to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia, cites war crimes.

Turkey has reportedly fired or suspended 100,000 people accused of links to Gulen movement, 40,000 reportedly still detained.

Israel refuses to release government files on 1948 flight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, despite 50 year limit on secrets.

Indiana Libertarian candidate claims he did not flip off officer or assault him, says he was the victim of an emotional, “overzealous” police officer.

Suspect who drove into three Phoenix police officers has reportedly been hospitalized, unclear if he was injured during his arrest or at the jail, sheriff’s dept. spokesman reportedly refuses to give details.

Both deputies in Jack Yantis shooting left the Adam’s County Sheriff’s department in 2015.



September 21, 2016

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