September 22, 2016

Green Party says it spent $580,000 just to get on the ballot in 45 states for the 2016 election. (email from Jill Stein for President)

East coast bombings renew calls by some politicians to treat naturalized U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants” to deny them legal rights.

Officer who fatally shot Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte was not in uniform, still unclear if other officers were in uniform, if they identified themselves as police officers, if Scott pointed the gun at officers or how many shots were fired.

Trump reportedly says he would use unconstitutional “stop and frisk” to reduce crime, which allows police to stop and search anyone. “Papers, please!”

Sacramento police reportedly fired 18 shots at Joseph Mann, a fleeing homeless man with a knife, on July 11th, striking him 14 times and killing him.

No charges for Baltimore County officer who shot Korryn Gaines and her 5 year-old son.

George W. Bush administration also used a private email server, operated by the RNC. 22 million emails were allegedly “lost”.

Second night of protests and violence in Charlotte, North Carolina, protester shot by another citizen say police. and

Senate votes not to block arms sales to Saudis.

Man says he can crack any iPhone up to iPhone 6 in 41 hours for $100 vs. $1.3 million spent by FBI.



September 22, 2016

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