September 26, 2016

Claremont, New Hampshire man Cody Lafont fatally shot by police responding to a 911 call at his home, few details released.

About two dozen states have recently passed laws restricting public access to police video.

FIFA reportedly disbands its anti-racism task force, says its mission has been “completely fulfilled”.

Student at suburban Detroit high school posts photo of discolored tap water in school restroom, gets suspended. Because that’s what happens to whistle-blowers.

Charge George W. Bush with war crimes for invading Iraq and torturing prisoners? Naw, let’s just give him a big hug instead….

Georgia man sues Richmond County deputies for inappropriately tasering him from behind, allegedly leading to $20,000 in medical bills when his head hit the floor.

Eerie similarities noted between New York bomber and Boston marathon bombers.

Third Catholic priest found murdered in Mexico in one week.

Another reason to let third party candidates Johnson and Stein into the debates, besides, you know, democracy – new ideas.


September 26, 2016

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