September 30, 2016

Man pleads guilty to Vallejo, California abduction and rapes that police and FBI reportedly dismissed as a hoax.

Video released in police shooting of 6 year-old Louisiana boy. Police claimed that they were being threatened with car before opening fire, were trying to serve a warrant, both of which appear to be untrue.   Video of shooting:

Corporate-backed referenda and initiatives have 10 to 1 average funding advantage over grassroots movements.

CO2 level hits 400 ppm, unlikely to ever drop below that level again – in 1950 it was 310 ppm.

Trump Foundation reportedly not properly registered as a charity in New York.

Government reportedly checks your social media accounts when you apply for a “secret” or “top secret” clearance, so remember to remove those pictures of ISIS and Chinese flags before you apply!

Mentally ill suspects 16 times more likely to be killed by police.

Kansas City librarian injured by police, arrested while trying to moderate Q & A session at library event.

Police officers using government databases to stalk women, sell information, and settle scores with perceived enemies, including legislators. Minnesota legislative audit found that over half of the officers using the system made questionable searches.




September 30, 2016

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