November 2, 2016

Witnesses claim Moroccan police officer order a garbage collector to start his compactor after a fish seller jumped into the truck to retrieve fish the police had taken from him. The man was killed, sparking nationwide protests.

San Francisco’s city attorney speaks out against bail system, saying it creates a “two-tiered system” where wealthy suspects are released and poor suspects remain in jail.

FBI releases information about Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of wealthy tax fugitive Marc Rich, claims it was a routine release of FOIA records that have received multiple requests.

Wells Fargo will reportedly pay $50 million to settle class-action lawsuit alleging that customers who defaulted on their mortgages were over-charged for property appraisals.

Dueling economists have now denounced both Trump and Clinton. These 370 economists say Trump “promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic policy options”:    While these 306 economists said Clinton “promises to repeat almost all of [President] Obama’s policy mistakes”:

California woman Michelle Lee Shirley reportedly fatally shot by three Torrance police officers as she tried to flee in her car after being boxed in by police cars.

Private prison company allegedly made $100,000 donation to Trump-aligned Super PAC while providing prison services under federal contract, watchdog group files complaint.

Secretive “dark money” groups outspending candidates in some U.S. Senate races.

Judge orders Republican Party to reveal any poll watching plans made with Trump campaign after Democrats express concerns over voter intimidation.

Montreal police allegedly tracked journalist’s cell phone in order to identify one of his sources.

Many of the groups claiming to support Donald Trump and soliciting donations are apparently scams.

Pentagon will reportedly request an additional $6 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CIA forced to release its secret internal investigation into the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba after new 25 year time limit on hiding “drafts” from the public expires.

Human Rights Watch accuses Turkey of abusing political prisoners.

DBP party Kurdish mayors removed as part of Erdogan campaign to “drain the swamp”.


November 2, 2016

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