November 4, 2016

North Dakota police reportedly fire rubber bullets, use pepper spray and tear gas on pipeline protesters.

1.4 million Facebook users “check-in” at pipeline protest.

Leaked Podesta email implies that use of private email accounts is widespread among Obama administration officials.

Ohio appeals court rules that state officials do not have to reveal details about executions to the public, including sources of drugs.

Julian Assange claims Wikileaks did not receive Podesta emails from Russia.

More than 1/4 of agriculture jobs nationwide and construction jobs in Texas reportedly filled by undocumented workers.  Nationwide an estimated 5% of the workforce, or 8 million workers, are undocumented.

Minneapolis police caught on video apparently beating subdued black suspect at transit station.

Food industry trade group reportedly fined $18 million for breaking campaign finance law by concealing source of $11 million in donations to defeat Washington GMO labeling referendum.

U.N. group calculates world is on course for 3.4 C degree rise in temperatures based on Paris Climate Accord pledges. “After 24 years of negotiations we are hurtling towards a 3.5 degree world, which will be catastrophic for millions across the world.”

Wife of notorious cyber-bully, Melania Trump, decries cyber-bullying. “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough…”

UK filmmaker makes his third movie on Trump’s battles with the neighbors of his Scottish golf course available for free viewing to American voters.

Exchanges of private emails on sensitive government policies sparked warnings to top Democrats, including Podesta, in 2008 at beginning of Obama presidency. “I was struck by the memo… because it was a sensitive doc bumping around on public email addresses.”

Clinton reportedly polling 30% to 53% ahead of Trump among hispanic voters in key states.


November 4, 2016

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