November 5, 2016

Trump says generals would not want to follow Clinton if she were president.  “To think of her being their boss, I don’t think so.”

St. Paul, Minnesota police release video of police attack on black suspect, whose legs were severely injured by K9 dog, and whose ribs were broken after being kicked repeatedly by an officer. The man turned out not to be the person they were looking for.

Former aides to New Jersey governor Chris Christie found guilty in plot to close bridge lanes as political pay-back and subsequent cover-up.

South Carolina police tracked missing woman’s cell phone to location where she was being held 2 days after her abduction, but reportedly did not pursue the lead because there was no indication of foul play. One body has reportedly already been found on the property.

Bay area police officer reportedly checked names on “crime database” as a favor for teen prostitute, Contra Costa county prosecutor clears all but one suspect in prostitution probe.

Judge orders North Carolina counties to restore voter registrations of up to 4,000 voters who were purged too close to the election.

President Obama commutes sentences of 72 more federal prisoners, mostly drug offenders, for a total of 944 Obama commutations.

“Collateral Murder” video leaker Chelsea Manning reportedly makes second suicide attempt in prison.

New batch of deleted emails recovered from Clinton’s private email server reportedly includes a classified email on climate talks that Clinton allegedly forwarded to her daughter Chelsea.

Wall street executive convicted of stealing about $46 million from investors sentenced to 4 years in prison, far below sentencing guideline. Judge: “No purpose would be served by having him rot in prison for years on end.” No indeed, that fate is reserved for the poor.

Good news for American workers! Taco Bell plans massive expansion, plans to hire 100,000 workers by end of 2022!

More U.S. middle school students reportedly now die from suicide than from car accidents.

Democratic Party  Senate candidate Evan Bayh accused of close ties to bankers and Wall Street.

Actress Susan Sarandon endorses Jill Stein for president.

Journalist filming interview with pipeline protester shot with rubber bullet on video, in front of “dozens” of witnesses, police claiming there is no proof it ever happened.

Twitter reverses its decision that posts attempting to mislead voters with “vote by text message” scams do not violate its terms of service.

868 fewer polling places in districts at risk of minority vote suppression says study.

Impact of possible pipeline leak on Standing Rock reservation downplayed by official environmental studies claims report.   “…if the Dakota Access pipeline is so safe that it presents no risk at all when situated on the Tribe’s doorstep, why isn’t the pipeline safe enough to cross the river north of Bismarck, as originally proposed?”

U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan reportedly kill 30 civilians, wound dozens.

Voters in four states likely to approve referenda increasing state minimum wages after lack of action by politicians.

Leaked email appears to show Clinton campaign chairman Podesta and his brother were invited to participate in an occult “spirit cooking” ritual.

Woman who accused Trump of raping her as a teenager at a series of parties withdraws her lawsuit after cancelling press conference.

Despite there being 0 polling places in New York City mosques or Islamic centers, some voters will reportedly be casting their ballots at the Trump Place building.

Mass surveillance scandals rock England and Canada. “Most remarkable was that these domestic, mass surveillance activities were not only illegal, but completely unknown to virtually the entire population….”

Bundy wildlife refuge occupation juror tells paper about jury’s deliberations, odd behavior of dismissed juror.

San Antonio police officer reportedly fired after allegedly giving homeless person a shit sandwich.

Bank of America becomes second bank accused of gouging released inmates with fees on prepaid cards for funds due to them when they are released from prison.

Brazilian police raid offices of land reform group.

Turkish police arrest 12 Kurdish members of parliament.  Government allegedly blocks Twitter and WhatsApp sites after arrests.

Israeli officials reportedly blocked U.S. diplomats from visiting West Bank sites where local residents had allegedly been displaced.

Bronx man dies after being tasered twice by police during arrest.

“Vote trading” websites allow voters in safe states to swap votes with voters in swing states, allowing strategic third party voting.


November 5, 2016

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