November 6, 2016

Realtor who held woman in storage container in South Carolina suspected in 7 murders, apparently took police two months to follow up on missing woman’s cell phone signals.

At least 47 arrested at Anonymous “anti-capitalism and pro-civil liberties demonstration” in London.

Arizona Supreme Court overturns appeals court decision which allowed political parties to collect and deliver mail-in ballots for voters.

At least 74 civilians reportedly killed in Syrian rebel offensive in Aleppo.

FBI reports record number of background checks as people buy millions of guns before possible restrictions are imposed after election.  “…Bill Clinton was the number-one salesman before.”

Minor party candidates struggling to attract voters despite low approval ratings for leading candidates.

Trump reportedly proposes saving $100 billion by cutting climate change budgets, favors construction of roads and other infrastructure by for-profit companies.

Software to lower carbon dioxide emissions during testing reportedly discovered on some Audi vehicles.

Survivalists reportedly stocking up on food supplies in anticipation of post-election turmoil.

Man whose sign led to tussle that sparked panic at Trump event in Reno says he’s a Republican, was holding a “Republicans against Trump” sign, was attacked by Trump supporters.

Dakota Access pipeline owner reportedly ignored Obama administration’s request for a temporary halt in construction.

Leaked photo allegedly shows St. Louis area police officer posing with body of dead black man while smiling and giving the “thumbs up” sign.

Long lines reported during early voting in some cities, some say they had to wait for hours.


November 6, 2016

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