November 11, 2016

Obama needs to dismantle mass surveillance apparatus before Trump becomes president. “…he has a matter of weeks to do one thing that could help prevent the United States from veering into fascism: declassifying and dismantling as much of the federal government’s unaccountable, secretive, mass surveillance state as he can — before Trump is the one running it.

Anti-brutality reformers worried that Trump will slacken Dept. of Justice oversight of police departments.  “I’m worried that not only will the investigations cease or become less effective, but also the current consent decrees will not be enforced.”

Congressman says Trump will be willing to waterboard terror suspects if necessary.

Swamp-drainer Trump reportedly packing his transition team with Washington D.C. insiders and lobbyists.

Amnesty International accuses Iraqi troops of torturing and killing villagers during Mosul offensive.

A President Trump will soon control the extrajudicial “kill list”, which has included U.S. citizens.

Pentagon admits under-reporting deaths of civilians due to airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, official count more than doubles.

Hispanic students reportedly cried as their fellow students chanted “Build that wall!” in Detroit-area middle school’s lunchroom.

New York City’s mayor says he will fight to withhold personal information of 850,000 IDNYC card holders, who are presumably mostly undocumented migrants, from Trump administration.

Harsh prosecutors lost to reformers in several elections.

After his meeting with President Obama, Trump mentions “high-flying assets” – does the U.S. have secret space bases?  Staffed with “non-terrestrial officers”?

With votes still being tallied, Hillary Clinton is on track to beat Donald Trump in the popular vote, but it will almost certainly not effect election results.

Megyn Kelly memoir: Someone probably leaked first debate question to Trump, because he complained about it before the debate.

Trump lawyer reportedly requests delay of start of Trump University lawsuit trial.

Spate of post-election hate-crimes blamed on Trump supporters.

Trump reportedly blames anti-Trump protests on “professional protesters” and the media.

CEO tells employees that Trump-like behavior will get them fired. “While demeaning, insulting and ridiculing minorities, immigrants and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr. Trump, I want to be clear that his behavior – and these views, have no place at Grubhub.”

Former Army chaplain suggests asking veterans to tell their stories instead of just thanking them for their service.

Israel’s interior minister allegedly tells audience, “If such a miracle (as Donald Trump’s election) can happen, we have already reached the days of the Messiah.”    Islamic State also reportedly celebrates his election. “Trump’s win of the American presidency will bring hostility of Muslims against America as a result of his reckless actions, which show the overt and hidden hatred against them.”

Trump presidency likely to hurt efforts to slow global warming. “The Trump presidency comes at a moment when we could least afford it.”

November 11, 2016

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