November 12, 2016

After third night of anti-Trump protests and some rioting, 225 people have reportedly been arrested. Hillary Clinton has yet to appeal to her supporters for calm.

Tips for activists on securing your electronic communications from government surveillance. BTW, in general, face to face communication and flyers created without using a computer are safer than using computers or phones.

Anti-IS offensive in Mosul slows as militants use civilians for cover.  “If there were no civilians, we’d just burn it all.”

Hillary Clinton ahead in popular vote by almost 400,000 votes (0.3%) as count continues.

Trump Tower is fortified after election, security measures are reportedly annoying neighbors, discouraging shoppers.

Gun stocks fall sharply after Trump win. “…it eliminates any realistic fear of gun regulation, which has been a major driver of gun sales over the past eight years.”

Critics say fake news stories on Facebook may have helped Trump, Zuckerberg disagrees.

40 more arrested in North Dakota at pipeline protests.

Obama administration says it is dropping efforts to pass TPP free trade deal.

More people voted for Trump than voted for Romney, fewer people voted for Clinton than voted for Obama.

Fix Obamacare, don’t trash it.

Mexican soccer team kicks it over the wall, beats U.S. 2-1 in World Cup qualifier match.

IS accused of carrying out mass executions of citizens suspected of treason.

Democrats may soon regret allowing Obama to retain and expand post-9/11 presidential powers.

Masked Israeli settlers reportedly severely beat and threatened Palestinian farmers to scare them off their land.

After second election in which popular vote winner lost, activists working to abolish Electoral College.

Private prison company’s stock soars after Trump victory.

White female voters chose Trump over Clinton by 10 point margin according to exit polls.

News media that was worried about post-election riots by Trump supporters now says Clinton supporters are protesting.

November 12, 2016

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